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Catamaran Hire Ibiza, TripAdvisor awards 2020 and 2021


Charters Eleven’s way

Welcome to C11, catamaran rental Ibiza.


First of all, thank you for reading about us. If you are here is because you are interested in knowing about C11. We really appreciate it!!


We are a company with the energy and the vision of somebody starting a beautiful project, but with the experience of an old blues man.


This is a dream for us, to finally have our own catamaran after working for larger companies in Ibiza and Formentera.


We are now happy to offer you a more personalized experience on our Leopard 40  catamaran named Geronimo.

Catamaran Rental Ibiza, our catamaran anchored on crystal blue waters

Such a perfect day!

Private Catamaran hire Ibiza, Charters Eleven Logo

 Catamaran Rental Ibiza

We LOVE our job, we love what we do.



Our goal is simply to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY 🙂

I  know, it sounds cheesy, but it is the truth.


The five star reviews we have on tripAdvisor on  speaks for itself.

Catamaran rental Ibiza, TripAdvisor Travelers' choice 2021

Why choosing C11 as your catamaran charter company?

First of all Charters Eleven owns and operate a Leopard 40, our beloved Geronimo a catamaran for rent in Ibiza and Formentera.


If you contact C11 you will contact the catamaran’s owner, no intermediaries. You will be contacting the provider of the service. This makes a huge difference both economically and in the service you will receive.


If you rent with us then …


  • C11 cares about YOU as you are our direct customer.


  • There is no increase in price as there is no commission to pay. This leads to a much more competitive price. Get in touch with us to find out.


  • In addition C11 is not a not a large company with dozens of ships. This allows us to offer you a friendly, flexible and personalized customer service.
Catamaran rental Ibiza, Geronimo sailing

Baby we were born to sail!


I truly believe our price-quality relationship is UNBEATABLE.




If you are interested on knowing more about why choosing us as your catamaran rental company click on … what else?


catamaran rental Ibiza, a girl on board ejoying an amazing sunset

What a sunset!


We would like to take the opportunity that you are reading about us to tell you about our daily fight against single-use plastic and our commitment to a plastic-free sea.


Not only about us but also about you

My beloved Lou Reed sang..”Heroin, It’s my life” well, to us, Ocean is our drug!!


We are very conscious of how important the Ocean is to every human being and to every form of life, because without the Ocean there is NO LIFE!


We take every opportunity we have to promote good habits that can make the difference.


Without any doubt, we have to change. We have to do things differently ASAP!!!



Mister God Attenborough is always right.







So if you come on board we will really appreciate:


  • if you don’t bring any single use plastic such as
    • Cutlery
    • Glasses
    • Plates
    • Straws


We have all you need on board!

This is how clean we want ocean waters


  • while shopping for your stay on board, get a reusable bag. It’s cheap, resistant, durable and very handy.

It can be used again and again!


  • When buying water try to get big containers like a five liter bottle instead of five one liter bottle


Easy and ECO

One plastic less + One Plastic Less + One Plastic less

can make the difference

Catamaran rental Ibiza

Blue, only crystal blue.


If you book with us…

…we will do our job, we will do what we love to do, we will make you happy 🙂


We follow one easy rule and expect you to do the same on our catamaran rental Ibiza

Respect for the Ocean


Simple and easy, nothing goes overboard, no cigarettes, no plastic, no bottles, no corks, no fruits. If it doesn’t belong to the Ocean we do not give it to the Ocean.


If it belongs to the Ocean we don’t take it. We don’t take shells, sand, mussels..etc…it has its role in the fragile marine ecosystem.

 You might think; “Respect for the Ocean.. Of course, no need to say it” … but..


You really wouldn’t believe!

If you are happy with our easy rule to follow, then we are MORE THAN HAPPY  to have you on board our Catamaran for an amazing time enjoying the sea, the music, the breeze and of course…the Sun.


Thank you for reading about us, about you coming on board..about so many things! 🙂

Charters Eleven Team

Charters Eleven Logo

 Catamaran Rental Ibiza


Are you ready?

Join me on our catamaran for hire in Ibiza



You can also Call us or WhatsApp at

(+34) 638 74 17 33

or email