Let us show you the best things to do in Ibiza.

Sitting just in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is a truly unspoiled jewel. Known for its parties and beaches, Ibiza has much more to offer. Amazing sceneries, gastronomy, and activities that attract all kinds of tourists every summer.  



Immerse Yourself in Dalt Vila, the Old Town of Ibiza 


Ibiza is home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage sights. One of them being Ibiza’s Old Town, Dalt Vila.


Located on top of a hill and guarded by ancient renaissance walls from the 16th century, the fortified city is one of the most well-preserved cities in Europe.


The Old City is beautiful all day long with all the hidden gems you can find in its narrow cobblestones’ streets: castles, canons, stone statues, Gothic architecture, and 14th-century cathedrals. The views of the sea from the ramparts are stunning


The views of the sea from the ramparts are stunning.  


Dalt Vila isn’t just a tourist attraction. It’s still residential and offers genuine real life. The city offers as well many little shops, restaurants, and galleries. 


Discover Atlantis Cove


Atlantis was, in fact, a quarry. That’s the reason for its beautiful geometric forms. Dalt Vila’s Wall was build up with the stones taken from Atlantis.


If you like to walk, Atlantis should be on your “to-do” list.  It takes more than 2 hours to get there but I guarantee it worth the walk.


And don’t forget to take a good pair of slippers and a few litters of water !!!



Our itinerary Day Charter – Magic Island – West Ibiza will get you to this amazing cove. No need to walk for hours ;). This Itinerary also sails you to the next amazing “thing to do”…


Things to do in Ibiza – Be inspired by Es Vedra 


Full of mystery and is the third most magnetic place in the world, Es Vedra island is tied to a few myths and legends. From UFOs sightings, the mythology around Homer´s Odyssey to speculations that its rock was used to build the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and Easter Island.


The islands of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell can be seen from Cala D‘hort (a cove west Ibiza). If you are willing to walk, la Torre de Sa Pedrera, on the top of the cliffs, south Cala D’hort, is the perfect spot to enjoy the views. 


Es Vedra from Torre de Sa Pedrera

The stunning view from Torre de Sa Pedrera, also known as la Torre del Pirata (the Pirate’s Tower)


Emerging from the ravishingly beautiful Mediterranean like a volcano, its only sight has healing power.



Things to do in Ibiza – Explore Formentera 


Located just 9 km away from Ibiza, Formentera is known as the Caribbean Island of the Mediterranean Sea and it´s your excellent choice for a day out.


Enjoy its crystal clear water beaches, many of them with breath-taking views from cliff tops and amazing natural surroundings as well as iconic lighthouses.


Make the most out of your trip and charter a catamaran where you will discover the island from another perspective.


Check out our Day charter to Formentera and discover the pearl of the Mediterranean from another perspective.

Private catamaran trip Ibiza, Formentera waters


Browse the Hippy Markets


Experience the truly Ibiza’s bohemian style with its charming hippy markets. Spend a fun day shopping handcrafted jewelry, clothes, and souvenirs from all around the world while enjoying the lively atmosphere filled with live music and local restaurants.

Each one of them caters to every taste. The most famous ones are:


Las Dalias

June, Julio, and September: Opens on Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm and on Mondays and Tuesdays from 7 pm to 1 am
August: Opens on Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm and on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays from 7 pm to 1 am

Indulge yourself into Las Dalias´ hippie atmosphere. It´s one of the few markets in Ibiza that has kept its authenticity over time. With more than 200 stalls where you can find crafts, clothes, and antiques from all over the globe. You can also pamper yourself with a body massage, enjoy a tasty meal and dance with till its closes.


Punta Arabí market

April to October: Opens on Wednesdays from 10 am to 6h30pm

Opened since 1973, Punta Arabi it´s the oldest hippy market in Ibiza, as well as the biggest with its more than 500 stalls. Incontestably charming, its high-quality artisans, local restaurants and live music will make the most of your trip in Ibiza.


Cala Llenya

Every Sunday

A real local second-hand market where you can go and find real bargains outside the tourist markets.

Many of the sellers are still related to the first hippies that came to the call of the hippie movement in the 60s and 70s and still live in an authentic hippy way, making the markets one of the most original points of Ibiza.

Things to do in Ibiza – Try Ibiza´s gastronomy


Ibiza cuisine offers a wide variety of Spanish and Mediterranean dishes characterized by fresh ingredients such a fish, meat, and vegetables. 


Everyone´s taste will be pleased. Some of the typical dishes in Ibiza are: 


  • Guisat de peix, a stew made out of fish and potatoes.  

  • Sofrit Pagés, a stew made out of a mixture of various meats and vegetables.  

  • Fregida pagesa,  fried meat and vegetables. 

  • Arròs de Matanzas, a soup with rice and meat.  

  • Greixonera, Ibiza´s traditional pudding.  

  • Flaonsthe typical pastry of Ibiza 

  • Frígolathe typical liquor of Ibiza made out of anise.  

  • Licor de Hierbas, my favorite liquor, made out of mixed herbs from Ibiza Island
  • Balearic sausages sobrassada and botifarra 

  • Ibiza´s goat cheese


Get lost in Ibiza 


Rent a car or a motorbike and go with the flow.


Follow my advice…don’t follow the map. 🙂


Getting lost in nature, It is a wonderful way to discover this Island.


No matter how many times you have come to Ibiza, you will always discover another small part of it.

 get lost and discover, Cala Bassa

Discover the beauties of Ibiza.

Watch the Sunset in Café del Mar(San Antonio)



What started as a small café where to meet friends and watch the last rays of sunlight with good background music, is now one of the most popular “Things to do in Ibiza”.


If you like sunsets, Chill Out Music and a happy crowd..this is the spot.


Catamaran day charter Ibiza, sunset from the catamaran

On board, just in front Café del Mar.

Nowadays, Café del Mar internationally known.  Their Chill Out music is played all over the world. I have five of their CDs! 🙂


Make your holidays memorable and Charter a catamaran


Treat yourself, your friends and family to something special.


Charter a catamaran for a day or more this summer in Ibiza.


Discover the real beauty of the island´s costal, fly above the sea while sunbathing and drinking your favourite drink. You won´t get enough of it and will want to repeat each summer.


Things to do in Ibiza, Catamaran day charter Ibiza

Relaxing on the trampoline while sailing it’s a ‘Thing to do in Ibiza’


You won´t get enough of it and you’ll surely want to live the experience of sailing Ibiza on board our catamaran each summer. 


Thanks for reading 🙂

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