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Tips To Enjoy A Perfect Day Charter Ibiza

Here you can find some tips and useful information to have an amazing day Charter on board our Catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera.


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Catamaran ibiza – Tips on What to Bring for a perfect Day charter …



  • Bring with you your ID card or Passport (of the person that did the reservation).


  • You can also send us a picture of your ID card via e-mail or WhatsApp before coming on board.
The captain

By the way, this is me, your captain. Now you will get to recognize me when picking you up! 🙂

Food and beverage

  • If you choose to bring your own food, keep it easy and simple.
    • Sandwiches
    • ready-made food
    • Snacks
    • Fruits


  • If you choose to have lunch at one Restaurant.
    • Snacks and fruits – You will certainly appreciate it at the end of the day!


  • Not less than one liter and a half of water per pax. Staying hydrated is important!
happy group in the exterior saloon of our catamaran Ibiza

Picnic on board!


  • Suncream – not less than 30 SPF is recommended. The higher the SPF the better!


  • Beach Towel / Sarong


  • Sun protection such as :
    • Sun Glasses – A polarized ones would be great
    • Sunhat – Remember to tide it up 🙂


  • A couple of swimsuits.


Tips for a catamaran day charter Ibiza - Lola our pink Flamenco wearing sunglasses.

You look so cool wearing sunglasses Lola!


  • your Playlist music on a Bluetooth enabled device.
    • (We have a JBL Bluetooth Speaker on Board)


  • Mobile Charger – you will take loads of pics
people thanking the sun for an amazing catamaran day in Ibiza

Music at sunset is always a must. (Bachata and Reggeaton are not allowed on board :P)

catamaran day ibiza – Tips on What Not to Bring  …

We will really really appreciate…


  • if you don’t bring on board any single-use plastic such as
    • Cutlery
    • Glasses
    • Plates
    • Straws

We have all you need on board!


  • when shopping for the day, get a reusable bag(s). You can find it a the supermarket. It’s cheap, resistant, durable and very handy.

it can be used again and again!


  • When buying water try to get big containers. For instance; a five liter-bottle instead of five one liter-bottle

Easy and ECO

Tips day charter Ibiza. Girl on paddle surf

This is how clean we like Ibiza waters

We all know how bad is Ocean Plastic Pollution.

One plastic less + One Plastic Less + One Plastic less … can make the difference.


Please, follow this tip to have an amazing catamaran day charter Ibiza while remaining eco-friendly !!

catamaran ibiza – Tips To enjoy a perfect cATAMARAN day charter


My large experience allows me to give you really good tips for you to enjoy an amazing and unforgettable day charter on board our catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera.


Catamarans are very stable boats. If you have ever been on a monohull sailing boat you will notice the difference as soon as you step on board. Two hulls make the difference!

But a catamaran it’s still a boat.


99% of the sailing in Ibiza is quiet and relax. No waves, nice breeze. But certainly, some people are more likely to get seasickness.

If you know you are one of them, don’t worry;


  • Take a seasickness tablet a couple of hours before coming on board (better with caffeine in it)


  • If you don’t like pills take with you some ginger, it is a natural remedy for seasickness.


Tips day Charter Ibiza - Lola not feeling well

Lola not feeling so good 😛

Ibiza is the Party island, we all know that.


We all love to have fun!


But If you want to enjoy the day charter to the fullest on our catamaran we hardly recommend you…


  • Don’t drink the night before (well, not too much). Hangover increases the odds of getting dizziness and seasickness.


  • Sleep well and come with a big smile 🙂


Tips Day charter Ibiza, Lola feeling very bad

Who drank a bit too much last night?

Follow those tips and I guarantee you will enjoy to the fullest your catamaran day charter in Ibiza.


Lola and friends having fun. They follow our tips to have an amazing day charter Ibiza

Lola and friends having a good day! She did follow my catamaran day charter tips that day 🙂



Looking forward to seeing you on board our catamaran in Ibiza for an amazing day Charter in Ibiza and Formentera!!!


We love seeing people enjoying themselves on board Geronimo!

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp at

+34 638 741 733

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