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  • Day charter Ibiza Formentera

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  • Day Charter Ibiza

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Catamaran Hire Ibiza


Day charter Ibiza

Full Day charter Ibiza: Eight hours to enjoy a day on board and get to know the beautiful coves and blue waters of Ibiza.


Half Day Charter Ibiza: If you don’t wish to spend the whole day on board, this is the perfect option.

  • Morning Charter
  • Afternoon Charter..with Sunset, our favorite!!


Sunset Charter Ibiza:

Spend few hours with us and enjoy the sunset from the Ocean. Everybody loves it!!


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SUP Stand Up Paddle Surf

SUP Stand Up Paddle Surf

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment



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Bluetooth Speaker



catamaran day charter Ibiza, girl snorkeling

Snorkeling in the blue waters of Ibiza and Formentera is always fun!



Can't count the times I have heard  "The best day of our vacation!", "Thank you for this unforgettable day!”.







From Charters Eleven we want to offer different itineraries for an amazing day charter Ibiza. 


Day charter ibiza – the best IBIZA’S coves – north west ibiza



We can’t say which is our favorite spot on this itinerary we are proposing in Charters Eleven.


What we can say is…”EVERYBODY LOVES IT!!”


Catamaran day charter Ibiza,, cala conta cove

The amazing Cala Conta. Don’t you want to swim?


First of all is the sailing to Cala Bassa with its small coves, caves and beautiful snorkeling.


Cala Conta with its crystal clear water.


The conejera island with its cliffs and beautiful lighthouse.


Espardel, natural park, with its views to Es Vedra and beautiful snorkeling.


And the icing on the cake, the amazing Ibiza sunset with the music of the Café del Mar in the background.


What else?


catamaran day charter Ibiza, beautiful sunset from the catamaran



day charter Ibiza – MAGIC ISLAND – west ibiza

Cala Tarida — Cala D’hort — Es Vedra — Es Vedranell — Atlantis — Cala Tarida


The highlight of this Itinerary is the magnetic Rock of Es Vedra. We keep staring at it’s cliffs  as we sail around it.


day charter ibiza, cala Tarida

Our meeting point. Not Bad!


If there is a magical place in the Balearic Islands, this is with any doubt, the Rock of Es Vedrá, the symbol of ibiza.


we have heard so many stories about this Rock and hundreds of legends, but the only think we can prove to you is how amazing it is to sail near it’s impressive cliffs.


You can’t miss it!


Day charter Ibiza - Es Vedra at sunset

Es Vedra is amazing at any time!


Vedranell, with its horseshoe shape, reminds you why Ibiza was a land of pirates. Yes, they use to hide from suspicious eyes in it’s small coves surrounded by cliffs.


Day Charter Ibiza - We also have cloudy days...sometimes..almost never :)

This is not a typical summer pic, I know….but I love this one I took on September 2018…seems like Jack Sparrow is back on his sails isn’t he? 😉


Would you like more amazing spots for your day charter Ibiza?


We can add  the  secret Atlantis cove, here you will find the stones that became the walls that surrounds Ibiza town.  Add also the beautiful coves of Tarida and Cala D’hort, then we have the Perfect day charter in Ibiza!


It’s my favorite one, but don’t tell anybody 😉


Atlantis, the perfect place to explore on a day charter ibiza

Another magic spot in Ibiza. Atlantis.


Oh my god! I forgot to talk about my favourite day charter Ibiza sunset!


day charter ibiza – natural park – south ibiza

 Cala Jondal — Cap D’esfalco — Salinas — Sa Caleta — Cala Jondal


 From Cala Jondal, our meeting point to Sa Caleta, each one of the spots will give you a reason to come back.


catamaran day charter Ibiza, salinas from the catamaran

Beautiful views of Salinas beach from the catamaran



This day charter Ibiza itinerary is full of surprises.


From the cliffs of Cala Jondal we sail to the beautiful beach of Cap des Falco. 


I bet you will love the snorkeling under the impressive cliffs of this cove only accesible by boat.


Seriously, to realize how impressive is this wall… you have to come and check it out!! 🙂


Salinas beach, known for its sand dunes and famous Beach Clubs (Sa Trinxa in my favorite), is part of the Ses Salines natural park.


Finally, to end this beautiful day charter in Ibiza…Sa Caleta with its red cliffs will be the perfect spot to relax while the sun falls and the heat goes down.


Day charter Ibiza - cap des falco

The impressive Cap des Falco

Once we are back to Cala Jondal you will probably love to have a drink at Blue Marlin Ibiza, one of the most famous Beach Clubs on the island.


Perfect timing to check out the beautiful Ibiza people dancing while the sun falls.



day charter ibiza to FORMENTERA – sailing to the caribean sea

Cala Jondal — Illetas beach — Espalmador Island — Cala Jondal


If there is a famous island in the mediterranean sea due to its white sand and crystal clear water, it is without a doubt the island of Formentera, an obligatory destination if you come to Ibiza for few days.


catamaran day charter ibiza, our catamaran anchored on the blue waters of Formentera

Caribbean? This is Formentera!


We always enjoy the navigation towards Formentera, passing through the wonderful island of Es Palmador. 


There are different Restaurants at the perfect beach of Illetes.


Es Ministre, Juan and Andrea, Moli de Sal, Pirate, Tiburon and El Beso, offers a Mediterranean meal with views ofone of the most famous beaches in the world.


Day charter Ibiza - we have it on board for you to try on our day charter ibiza formentera

Have you ever tried Stand Up Paddle Surf?


Es Palmador, known as the best beach in Europe, is one of those places that for sure will take your breath away.


It takes our’s every time we sail to this top spot.



Day Charter Ibiza Formentera, Es Palmador from the catamaran

Es Palmador. No Beach Clubs, No cars, no motorbikes, no supermarkets, nothing but crystal blue waters and white sand dunes.


The day charter Ibiza to Formentera is the most famous and demanded!


day charter around FORMENTERA – formentera


If you want to spend the whole day discovering Formentera…it’s an excellent choice.



It will give you the opportunity to sail around this pearl of the Mediterranean and realize Fomentera it’s not only about beach clubs and white sand.


We won’t say anything else for you to come and discover…you won’t regret it baby 😉 


Because Formentera it’s not only white sand crystal blue water!


You have doubts? It’s hard to choose 🙂 Contact us and we will recommend you the one that better fits your expectations.


Find some tips for your day on board our catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera, what to bring, what not to bring…click on PERFECT DAY!!


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