Why Choosing ChartersEleven as your Catamaran Charter Company In Ibiza




There are plenty of Boat Charter Companies working in Ibiza offering Catamaran Charters.


In this post, I’m gonna try to explain how this business is working and why I believe Charters Eleven is the best choice when hiring a catamaran in Ibiza.



Catamaran charter Ibiza

you will save money


That’s a good one!!


Most of the companies you find on google when searching for a catamaran charter in Ibiza are just a website. They own no boat. What they do is offering boats owned by other people or owned by other companies, like Charters Eleven. They are just intermediaries.


Boat owners have to increase the catamaran rental price up to 20% when offering the boat on those websites. That’s the commission when booking through them!


As there are no intermediaries, hiring a catamaran from the company that owns the boat, like C11, will get you a better price. Not bad!! 🙂



Catamaran charter Ibiza - happy family

Family Time on board



We are a small Ibiza catamaran charter company


You might think…so what?


I have worked as a skipper for a big boat charter company, one of those companies owning plenty of boats. I quickly understood what it’s all about.


Charter after charter…one group after the other…sometimes three different groups in one single day…rushing not to be late for the next group…a tired and stressed skipper…not giving the service customers deserve. It was like working in a factory. It was not for me and of course, not what i want for Charters Eleven customers.



In Charters Eleven we do thinks differently. Giving customers a personalized, friendly and flexible service. That is guaranteed !!


catamaran charter Ibiza - happy girls on board!

Happy people…that’s our goal!!


  • You are the boss of the day. Geronimo will not be hired by anyone else. It’s your day!!. That gives us much more freedom and therefore more options to live up to customer’s expectations as we are not tied to strict schedules or itineraries.


  • Being a small company makes us very flexible and really into taking care of our customers. You are very special to Charters Eleven!


  • Our goal of the day is to make you happy…as simple as that!!


Treat people as you will like people to treat your grandma… 🙂

..It’s what my grandma used to say and it became Charters Eleven way to work. Love you grandma!



catamaran experience with friends in Ibiza

Come as a customer…leave as a friend. 🙂



experienced skipper


I will be your captain along your journey onboard catamaran Geronimo in Ibiza.


With already 5 years working as a catamaran skipper in Ibiza and Formentera (OMG, time flies away!!),  I have gain experience sailing, knowing all the corners of the islands, and more importantly; offering what customers expect once stepping onboard.


  • I truly unforgettable experience!!


Without any doubt being a catamaran charter skipper it’s not only about sailing, but knowing what every group of customers expect when chartering a catamaran in Ibiza.


I can tell you I’m not gonna run the same way a catamaran charter for a group of friends as a catamaran charter for a family or a couple that wants privacy.
  •  I believe every customer is different. Every customer have different expectations.


Knowing that, is the key to make people happy, making them having a perfect catamaran charter experience in Ibiza and Formentera.



catamaran charter Ibiza Formentera

Always happy when sailing 🙂



catamaran Geronimo


I’m very proud of Geronimo, the leopard 40 catamaran.



I can tell you I have seen plenty of boats before choosing this catamaran.



After working onboard several catamarans, I knew exactly what I wanted for a catamaran charter boat, and Geronimo fills up all the requirements to be the perfect boat.



  • First of all, it has to be a catamaran, because we truly believe it’s the perfect boat for people to enjoy a charter experience in Ibiza.


catamaran charter Ibiza Formentera

Geronimo, our Leopard 40 catamaran!!!




  • Plenty of room at the bow, the front part of the catamaran. Why? because is where most of people enjoy staying when hiring a catamaran.



catamaran charter Ibiza Formentera

As you can see, not only on the trampoline people can lay out with total comfort.


  • Large cockpit with a roomy outside dining area, protected by a hard-top bimini. Shade is very important on a boat specially when sailing along Mediterranean summer.



catamaran charter in Ibiza and Formentera

Plenty of room in Geronimo’s outside dinning area!


  • A fully enclosed shower. Most of the catamarans with similar features don’t have it!

catamaran charter Ibiza Formentera


  •  Easy access to water was a priority for our boat features. We know how important it is as everyone enjoys having a swim in Ibiza crystal blue waters. We have to make it easy for our customers 🙂


catamaran charter Ibiza Formentera


  • Nice and with plenty of light indoor area.



catamaran charter in ibiza

the indoor main area


Know more about Catamaran Geronimo.



We are positive when saying Geronimo is the catamaran you want to choose in order to have the best possible catamaran charter experience in Ibiza.



safety first

In Charters Eleven we really care about your safety.

  • First thing you will do once onboard is to pay attention to a safety briefing.  Knowing what to do, and especially, what not to do is truly important in order to be safe on board.


  •  It is gonna take 10 minutes but it worth the listen as it will make you be aware of how to keep your self safe.


  • Safety jackets for everyone.
  • Two Lifebuoys – One hard and one that gets inflated once getting in contact with water.


  • Life raft


  • Destress Beacon


  • Fire extinguisher





Catamaran Charter Ibiza Formentera - HAPPY PEOPLE

This is how we like to see people onboard. HAVING FUN!!

we care about the environment

Reading about us will make you a pretty good idea of how much we are aware of the importance of the ocean for all of us.


  • no single-use plastic on board. We even have bamboo straws for your cocktails 🙂
  • All cleaning products that we use are ECO-friendly.


  • Geronimo is moving on sails as much as possible.


  • We recycle plastics, cans and paper.



Charters Eleven is trying to do its best to be as much ECO-friendly as a sailing boat can be.



really good reviews on trip advisor


We are so proud of our TripAdvisor reviews. I believe it says it all!


catamaran charter Ibiza Formentera

Many thanks to all our customers that take the time to leave Charters Eleven a review!!!!!


Thanks for reading 🙂


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