Catamaran day charter Ibiza



If you are thinking about hiring a catamaran with ChartersEleven you probably have questions about your day charter in Ibiza.


What’s included and what’s not included?

What to expect?

When to meet?

Where is the meeting point?

What about lunch?

What’s the planning?

Well, mostly having fun! 🙂


Here you can find a quick answer to all the above.



What it’s included and what’s not included?






Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment

Paddle surf

Paddle surf

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Cool box for your drinks

Cool box for your drinks

Lola – our pink flamingo

Lola – our pink flamingo

So much Fun

So much Fun


Not Included…

  • Food and drinks


Where is the meeting point?


The meeting point for your day charter in Ibiza on board our catamaran will be depending on the itinerary you have chosen.


There is always a dock in every meeting point that will ease the check-in.


We will send to you, via WhatsApp, the exact location of the meeting point (google maps is never wrong 🙂 )


Once you get the meeting point, please contact Captain Fede.  He will pick you up right away with the dinghy.

In a couple of minutes, everybody will be having fun onboard.

At what time shall we meet?

The perfect timing is 8 hours before the sunset. You will enjoy this beautiful moment on board, but of course, if you want to meet earlier it’s also possible.
Sunset in Tarida

Thank you for an amazing day!!

What about lunch?

Before coming onboard let us know if you wish to have lunch on board or your desire is to enjoy a Mediterranean meal at one of the amazing restaurants / beach club. We will be happy to book a table for you.


If you don’t know which restaurant to choose, we can propose to you the one that will better fit your expectations, budget, and taste.


You can also bring your own food onboard. We recommend ready-made food, snacks, fruits. Make it easy  to spend as less time as possible in the kitchen. We already spend too much time cooking in our daily life. 😉



Dany the Cat, our favorite dinghy man ever! He will pick you up in his big dinghy to take you to Cala Bassa Beach Club.

How it goes?

Once onboard the first and most important thing to do is getting your drinks into the Coolbox full of ice.  😉


A safety briefing and some paperwork have to be done before weighing anchor and set sails!


Don’t worry, it will just take us a couple of hours! Just kidding. In less than 10 minutes we will be ready to go and have fun!


Sails Up!!!!

From that moment and so on you are the boss.


In Charters Eleven we believe everyone is different. That’s why we are very flexible with what to do, where to anker, where to sail….


We don’t have to go, we don’t need to stay… it’s gonna be just up to you. Captain Fede will propose different options and you just have to let him know what’s your wish.


What makes you happy makes us happy. 🙂


Picture Time

Picture Time!

You can be absolutely sure that Fede will do his best to make your day charter in Ibiza unforgettable!


what to expect?


Discovering Ibiza from the sea in a beautiful 40 feet Catamaran sailing to beautiful coves, swimming in crystal blue waters, snorkeling, Paddle surf, friends, family,…What else?

Just let us know!



And of course, a beautiful sunset is guaranteed to end your perfect Catamaran day Charter Ibiza!!



Sailing into the sunset

Sailing into the sunset. What a beautiful feeling !!


Have a look at our Tips to have an amazing day on board.


Thanks for reading 🙂


Any other questions?

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