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 Hola!, my name is Federico, but everybody calls me Fede. I’m the skipper and owner of the wonderful Leopard 40, a Skippered catamaran rental Ibiza.


As we are in “About Us” I’m supposed to talk about myself so you can get to know your captain a bit.

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a little about me

My love for sailing began as a child sailing with my family.


My father has a small sailing boat named “El Mariachi.” I was fortunate to have him as my first great teacher. He taught me how to knot the ropes starting with an eye splice and all the basics of sailing.


Most importantly he taught me to appreciate, love and respect the ocean.


My father’s Jeweil


For nearly a decade I forgot about sailing and pursued a career as an IT consultant in Madrid.


I spent as much time as I could at the ocean until one day I realized my pursuits needed to be more in line with my heart and I made the decision to leave my corporate life and the security that I thought was important to me.


I began traveling.


Yes, I love Sailing!!!

Traveling the world

At 37. I began my life again. I quit my job, packed my bags and went to the other side of the world to try to find the happiness that had been lost to years in cubicles and computers.


Not surprisingly, I found what had been missing all along. I immersed myself into a career scuba diving.


I spent 4 years as a Dive master and then Scuba instructor in Australia,Thailand, Malaysia  Philippines and my beloved Indonesia.


On my way to become a skipper

Paisubatu Crew

I settled for a year and a half on two wooden ships, the Paisubatu II and Ambai as Cruise Manager for Wallacea Dive Cruises


unfortunately we won't see them when snorkeling in Ibiza



I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to sail and dive in places I thought i would only see on TV. Sulawesi and Raja Ampat, where the biggest biodiversity on the planet is!


Catamaran Charter Ibiza – Next stop

As Tom Waits says, “ If you get far enough away, you’ll be on your way back home.”


With more than 3,000 dives in my lungs and thousands of sea miles on my clock life, I decided to go back to Spain.


My new adventure was becoming a Professional Skipper by working for catamaran charter companies in Ibiza

catamaran for hire Ibiza - with friends is always better

Working with my best friend Captain Jose Z it is always a reason to be happy!


I studied while working as a dive instructor in Ibiza and after gaining a ton of experience working for large Ibiza catamaran charter Companies, I took the greatest plunge of my life by immersing myself in Charters Eleven Catamaran Charter Ibiza to be the proud captain and owner of the Leopard 40 – an amazing skippered catamaran rental Ibiza.



Make people happy is my job. Not so bad!!!

Catamaran charter Ibiza, a beautiful review


I’m very proud to have done already two long catamaran sailings that have increases my experience and love for sailing:


  • Indic Ocean (February 2016) – From Phuket Thailand to Seychelles


  • Atlantic Ocean (December 2018)  – From Canary Islands to Virgin Islands


It is with great pleasure that I offer you my experience above and below the waters in my beloved home country on Charters Eleven Catamaran Charter Ibiza.


See you in Ibiza!


catamaran for hire in Ibiza



Have a look to My history with Ibiza and how the island became my beautiful office!!!




Are you ready?

Join me on our catamaran for hire in Ibiza



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