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This post is to clarify the most common doubts before coming onboard Geronimo catamaran for a week charter in Ibiza and Formentera or just a few days to enjoy the beautiful islands.

Week Charter Ibiza Formentera – Packing up


Don’t forget to bring on board…


  • Flip flops
  • Hat
  • Sarong
  • Sunglasses
  • Suncream
  • A big smile 🙂


Paco and his friends

A hat is very appreciated when the sun’s beating down!


What not to bring…


  • Don’t bring too much. The less you bring the better it is. We don’t need that much on a boat. It’s just a friendly advice
  • Please don’t bring a big hard suitcase. A soft suitcase would be perfect as it is very easy to store.


  • Unless docking in a Marina Hairdryers are not allowed as boat batteries get flat


Week Charter Ibiza Formentera  – What is included …


  • Captain
  • Fuel
  • Stand Up Paddle Surf
  • Mask and fins for all of you
  • Dishes
  • Shower towels
  • Bed linen
  • Dinghy
  • Kitchen Gas
Stand Up Paddle Surgf

Ready to have Fun?

What is not included …


  • Port fees in case you want to spend a night in one of the marinas. It is not necessary.
  • Food and drinks
  • Airport transfer / Taxis
Week Charter Ibiza

What a week we spent with this beautiful family!

Week Charter Ibiza Formentera – Landing in Ibiza Island


First of all…Welcome !!!!


Once at Ibiza’s airport reach me via WhatsApp +34 638 74 17 33 to let you know where is the meeting point. I will send you the exact location.


We usually do the check-in in San Antonio but sometimes, due to the weather forecast, we choose another spot to make sure that all goes smoothly.


The captain.

That’s Fede, the captain, so you get to recognize him when picking you up 🙂


The easiest and more comfortable way to get the meeting point would be by Taxi. If you are more than 4 pax I will send you the contact of a big taxi, up to 8 pax. It will be cheaper than two taxis.


You can also get a bus at the airport that will take you straight to San Antonio.


Getting San Antonio


The meeting time it’s from 16:00 in San Antonio Bay.


If you getting the bay before 16:00 I recommend you do the shopping before getting on board in order to save time and start your adventure as soon as possible.


I will send you via WhatsApp some Supermarket Locations.


If you haven’t done the shopping before coming on board, no worries,  you can do it just after checking-in.

Week charter Ibiza Formentera

You will enjoy all of those spots!


Shopping for your week Charter Ibiza Formentera


Some important information for you when shopping :



  • I always have onboard…
    • dishwasher
    • Shampoo and Shower gel
    • Toilet paper
    • Garbage bags.
    • Sugar, salt, pepper
    • Ground coffee
    • Tea


week charter Ibiza

Geronimo’s Kitchen

  • In order to light your shopping, I will let you know  If I have other items on board as olive oil, vinegar, coffee, etc.


  • Geronimo has a big fridge compare to other catamarans but still smaller than the one we normally have at home.


  • If you are staying for a week you don’t need to do the shopping for the whole week. We will anchor in several places where you can get whatever you need.


  • It is standard in the charter boat business to provide provisions for the crew.


  • You will probably have some lunch or dinners inland (don’t buy too much).


  • Breakfast will happen onboard every morning


  • Please, get a reusable bag(s). You can find it a the supermarket. It’s cheap, resistant, durable and very handy.

    it can be used again and again!


  • When buying water try to get big containers. For instance; a five liter-bottle instead of five one-liter bottles.

    Easy and ECO


  • 1,5 liters of water is the recommended daily dose. Stay hydrated is important!


Week charter Ibiza Formentera

West Formentera…what else?


Week Charter Ibiza Formentera – Once On Board


First of all …..Hola!!! 🙂


Once the shopping is done and the luggage placed, it is time for a quick briefing for you to know about safety on board,  all you need to know about Geronimo (that’s the name of the catamaran), itinerary, etc…and, of course, any question you may have.


Some paperwork as to be done, no worries, it’s only gonna take five minutes.


  • Please remember to bring your I.D.


  • If there is any money left to be paid please remember to bring it cash. All due amounts have to be paid before taking the anchor up.


And…we are ready for your week charter around Ibiza and Formentera  !!!!


Happy people on Board

Ready for an amazing week Charter in Ibiza and Formentera



Electricity on Board.


As in many boats of similar features catamaran, Geronimo works on 12V, same as a car.


We also have a 220V inverter for computers and any other device.


All the energy aboard comes from Service Batteries. Those are charged with both, solar panels and engines.

Let’s say, the less energy we use, the less we will start the engines and therefore, the less noisy it will get.

Besides, we will save fuel…less CO2!


Solar Panels on Catamaran

Solar panels on Geronimo’s hard top bimini.


We are Very ECO-friendly in ChartersEleven 🙂


Music devices


Geronimo has a CD player as the one found in cars. You can bring your own CDs.


We also have a JBK 3 Bluetooth speaker.


We love music!

Music is alway appreciated on board!!


Week Charter Ibiza Formentera – Water on board


We have a non-potable water tank that can hold up to 780 litters, which is quite a big water tank for a boat. Usually, it’s up to 600 litters for similar feature catamarans.


But water flies away if we don’t take care of it.


We don’t want to waste any time of your days in Ibiza getting into a pier to fill up the water tanks. It takes quite a long time!


No worries, water  will last for the whole trip if we all follow some easy rules. I will let you know when briefing. 🙂


Last year I spent two weeks with 7 people on board and water last for their whole stay. I also spent three days with 4 people and they empty the water tanks. It is just a matter of being aware of water consumption.



week charter Ibiza Formentera

What a spot!!


That’s all!! No worries, I will remind you everything once onboard 🙂


If you have any questions about your week charter Ibiza Formentera please don’t hesitate to contact me +34 638741733


We are waiting for you !!!!


Thanks for reading 🙂


You can have a closer look at our beautiful Leopard 40 catamaran Geronimo

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