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Hi! We are Charters Eleven Boat Hire Ibiza & Formentera


If you want to Hire a boat in Ibiza and Formentera, you are at the right place.


From Charters Eleven Boat Hire Ibiza we propose you to hire a skippered private catamaran as we believe it is the best way to get to know the islands.


We offer you customized holidays on a Leopard 40 Catamaran, our beloved Geronimo.



Catamaran Day Charter Ibiza


Up to 8 pax.


Half-day Charter  – 4 hrs.

Full-day Charter  – 8 hrs.

Catamaran Week Charter Ibiza


Up to 6 pax. Three double bed cabins.


Few Days

An Entire Week



Boat Hire Ibiza & Formentera

Own Catamaran – No intermediaries

We feel very proud of our five-star reviews on TripAdvisor


Boat rental Ibiza – Our Leopard 40 Catamaran – Geronimo


With twelve metres in length and more than six metres of beam, our catamaran Geronimo is fully equipped for you to have a great time discovering Ibiza and Formentera.


Boat Hire Ibiza Formentera, happy people on board


Prepared for day trips or overnight trips in Ibiza and Formentera. We offer you a floating apartment with sea view of over 70 square metres.


For overnight stays we offer 3 double bed cabins that can comfortably accommodate six people. Two bathrooms. Fully equipped kitchen. Two lounges. Large fridge/freezer. A spacious trampoline in the bow and of course sea views.



For day Charters Ibiza and Formentera we can welcome up to eight people.


No only swimming but …


SUP Stand Up Paddle Surf

SUP Stand Up Paddle Surf

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment



Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker


Boat Rental Ibiza, girl on Paddle Surf

Boat Hire Ibiza – Why Hiring our Catamaran?


    • Spaciousness and comfort – 12 metres in length and more than 6 metres in beam
    • Stability – Two hulls make a difference
    • Relax – Sails are the answer
    • Reaching places where other boats can’t reach – Advantages of shallow draft
    • Dinghy – It will take you to the beautiful beaches and coves to explore
    • Easy access to the crystal-clear waters of Ibiza and Formentera


Boat Hire Ibiza, girl about to swim

Yes, that easy access 🙂


And a whole lot more that we hope you will discover once on board.


Besides, Charters Eleven owns the catamaran, there are no intermediaries, no commission to pay…you will save money. This is a good reason to hire our catamaran, isn’t it? 🙂


Boat Hire Ibiza – Day CHARTERS – Overnight Charters


At Charters Eleven Catamaran Hire Ibiza we offer all kinds of private charters, from day trips to week trips, or two week trips, whatever you are planning we will make it possible.


Boat Rental Ibiza – charters – Catamaran Day charter Ibiza Formentera …


We don’t know anyone who has come on board to spend a day with us who hasn’t left with a ear-to-ear smile.


Whoever you are, whatever type of group you are, at C11 Boat Hire Ibiza, we know how to make you happy.


Hundreds of day charters in Ibiza have given us the experience we need to make you happy.


Boat Hire Ibiza, girls Jumping from the boat to the crysta-blue waters of Formentera

Pure description of happiness!


We offer an eight hour charter ending with a beautiful sunset that will stay in your memory (and in your camera) forever 🙂


We have many itineraries for a catamaran day charter in Ibiza and Formentera, all spectacular. Once we get to know what type of group you are, what you would like to do, and the weather conditions for the day of your charter, we will propose the itinerary that we think will best suits your expectations.


As you can see, we are a very flexible company. Unlike other companies, we do not offer strict, set itineraries. Instead, we adapt to the client’s needs to make sure they have an unforgettable day. Furthermore, during the excursion we listen to the client’s needs. If what you want is to stay in a beautiful cove and enjoy its waters, we stay as long as you want. If you want to go sailing to see other landscapes, we will hoist the sails.


Catamaran Day Charter Ibiza – Itinerary – Port destorrent to tarida – Best coves of Ibiza


Starting in the beautiful cove of Port D’estorrent, sailing to cala Bassa, cala Conta, cala Tarida, it is an itinerary that will leave you wanting more.


One cove after another, this itinerary not only takes you to some of the best coves in Ibiza, but also to Conejera Island, which, being a natural park, reminds us of what a totally wild island is. Only vegetación, birds, cliffs and a beautiful lighthouse. You won’t believe that this natural spot is so close to the coast.


And of course,  we will end the day with a spec-ta-cu-lar sunset that will leave you speechless.


A stuning sunset

What a sunset!!

Catamaran Day Charter Ibiza – From Cala Tarida to Cala Dhort –  Es Vedra Magnetic Rock


This is our favourite Ibiza catamaran charter route. Why?


Because not only will we start at the beautiful Cala Tarida and sail to the famous Cala Dhort, but also because we will have the opportunity to sail around the famous Es Vedra. Symbol of Ibiza and source of countless legends, Es Vedra continues to impress me no matter how many times I sail around.


You will also discover the hidden cove of Atlantis. It takes more than a two hours walking if you want to get this cove from land. We will take you there while you sunbathe in the net of our catamaran.


And yes, you will also enjoy an amazing sunset.


Catamaran sailing close to Es vedrá

You can’t even imagine how breathtaking it is to sail close to this imposing rock.


Catamaran Day Charter Ibiza  – From Cala Dhort to Es Torrent


This itinerary will make you to discover the south of Ibiza. Cove after cove, cliff after cliff, there won’t be a single one of the places where we will anchor that will leave you indifferent.
Perhaps the best thing about this itinerary is the variety it offers.


We don’t want to tell you much more so you can come and discover it for yourself.



Es Torrent

This is one of the coves that we will make you discover. You won’t be able to resist swimming to its beautiful beach.


Would you like to know more about our Day Charter around Ibiza? Where is the meeting Point? Timing? How it goes? Please Click Here!


Catamaran Day Charter Ibiza – From Ibiza to Formentera – Sailing to the Caribbean


One of our most popular itineraries.


Not only will you discover the beautiful Formentera but you will also discover the tiny beautiful island of Es Palmador and of course?…the pleasure of sailing.


Formentera is undoubtedly the jewel of the Mediterranean. This small island south of Ibiza offers white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The typical postcard picture you would never think you would find here, just a few miles from Ibiza.


Boat Hire Ibiza, Es Palmador

The small island of Es Palmador, the hightligh of this Itinerary.

Would you like to know more about our Day Charter to Formentera? Where is the meeting Point? Timing? Please Click Here!


Boat Rental Ibiza – Which itinerary to choose?


Once we know what kind of group you are (friends, couples, hen party, family), what your expectations are, and also, what the weather forecast is expected for the day you come on board, we will suggest the option that we think will make you happiest.


We have TIPS for you to have an amazing Day Charter in Ibiza and Formentera!!



Boat Hire Ibiza – Charters – Catamaran Week Charter Ibiza Formentera


We love week Charters!


The best is to share with strangers (who will become friends) a whole week on board making them discover the corners of Ibiza and Formentera.


Catamaran Ibiza  - The crew and the family

The crew with a family that stayed a whole week…..what a beautiful week we had!!



The truth is that a week is enough to discover a large part of the Pitiusas islands. If you like sailing and the weather conditions allow it, we can sail all around Ibiza and Formentera.


We will be delighted to help you discover another Ibiza, far from the discos, far from the traffic lights and the hustle and bustle of the island during the summer season.


We don’t know how many times our customers, having spent a week on board, have told us that they have left their cares drift away, that the week on board has been like a therapy.


Boat Hire Ibiza, man having a nap on the net

You want to relax? How about a nap lying on the net?


The truth is that being on board just worrying about swimming, paddle boarding, snorkelling, discovering one beautiful spot after another, sailing, laughing, going ashore when you feel like it, lying on the net to sunbathe or watch the stars, waking up in a beautiful spot every day…. is an experience not to be missed.



Boat Rental Ibiza, couple at sunset

Can you picture yourself enjoying a postcard sunset every day?

The itinerary for your week will depend on what you want to do and also on the weather conditions.


We can, weather permitting, sail around Ibiza and Formentera. If you want to sail less and relax more, just let us know and we will make you happy!


Want to know more about our catamaran week charter Ibiza Formentera? Please click HERE!


The Skipper of Charters Eleven Boat Rental Ibiza


We are convinced that the difference between having a good charter experience and having a wonderful and unforgettable experience is, without a doubt, the skipper.


With thousands of miles sailed, years of experience on the island and hundreds of charters behind him, Fede is the skipper of the Leopard 40 catamaran named Geronimo.


Boat Hire Ibiza, The captain


He will always greet you with a big smile and do his best to make your experience a great one 🙂


Would you like to know more about the captain? How he went from working for a big IT company to becoming a catamaran captain in Ibiza. Please Click HERE!


Boat hire Ibiza – What’s the price and what’s included?




Please, Contact Us, and let us know…



When you are planning to come on board

For how many days

And how many you are


We will give you the best possible quotation taking into consideration the time of year you plan to come on board and the number of people you are.


Boat Hire Ibiza, beautiful Couple


Boat rental Ibiza – What’s Included






Final Cleaning

Final Cleaning





Bed Linen (Overnight charters)

Bed Linen (Overnight charters)

Paddle surf

Paddle surf

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment



Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Cool box for your drinks

Cool box for your drinks

So much fun!

So much fun!


Boat rental Ibiza – What’s not Included…

Food and drinks



What sets us apart from our competitors?


First of all, we take into account the number of people in your group in order to be able to offer you the best possible quote. We will certainly not send the same quote to a group of 4 people or to a group of 8 people.


We do not charge you for petrol on overnight trips. You will save money and time. Yes time, you won’t have to spend your last day on board waiting in long queues at the petrol station. Anyone who has already chartered a boat in Ibiza knows what I’m talking about.


In addition, as I said before, Charters Eleven is the owner of the catamaran. You will not contact third parties, commission agents that you will never see and who increase the price of the boat hire in Ibiza. You will contract with the people who will make your experience on board unforgettable.


About Charters Eleven boat hire Ibiza


We are a small Charter company in Ibiza and Formentera chartering our own catamaran… and we don’t like to talk about ourselves 😛


The best way to find out about Charters Eleven Boat Hire Ibiza is to discover what our customers are saying about us.


We welcome a wide range of groups, hen parties, families, couples on honeymoon, groups of friends, company meetings, and they all have one thing in common… they have a great time and are kind enough to leave us a review.


We have been awarded by TripAdvisor for our work for two years in a row now, positioning Charters Eleven Boat rental Ibiza among the best attractions in the world…and we are very proud of it.


Our job is to make people happy and we are succeeding 🙂



Boat Hire IBiza, Happy people on the net


Boat Hire Ibiza Formentera


Once back home, having a look at the pictures taken onboard our catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera you will feel…

What a great time we had!

Thank you for reading 🙂



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