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If you are thinking on a family catamaran charter in Ibiza …we have what you are looking for and …. At the best price!


At Charters Eleven we are convinced that there is no better family plan than to go on holiday on a catamaran and discover the beautiful coves of Ibiza and Formentera.


Undoubtedly one of the best things to do in ibiza with kids.


In this post we answer the many questions and doubts that may arise when renting a catamaran for you and your family in Ibiza.



Is it a private catamaran?


What charter options for families does Charters Eleven offer?



What is the itinerary?

Is a catamaran suitable for children?


What is the price and what is included in the family catamaran charter in Ibiza?


What is the plan?

The answer is easy…to have a great family time 🙂


Here you can find answers to all these questions.



Family catamaran charter Ibiza - family on the port side of the catamaran waving to the camera.

These two French families spent a great week on board our catamaran in Ibiza. Their smile says it all!

Family catamaran charter in Ibiza – exclusive for your family

We offer you a catamaran in Ibiza, on exclusive use and with a professional skipper.


At Charters Eleven we do NOT offer a huge catamaran to share with other people or other families and subject to a strict itinerary and schedule.


Our catamaran Geronimo is a beautiful Leopard 40. At twelve metres long and over six meters wide it offers all the space and comfort your family will need to be comfortable, and have a great time while discovering the coast of Ibiza and its beautiful neighbour Formentera.


Family catamaran charter Ibiza - happy family on board

For a whole week this family had a great time on our catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera.



  • Four double cabins
  • Two bathrooms with separate shower
  • Interior saloon
  • Outside lounge protected from the sun
  • Fully equipped galley
Family catamaran charter Ibiza - the saloon of our catamaran in Ibiza

Interior lounge of our catamaran in Ibiza.


The catamaran on a beautiful cove

Can you imagine yourself and your family anchored in these waters?

  • And of course a net that delights young and old alike



A floating flat of more than 70 square metres available in Ibiza for your family to have a great time.


Family catamaran charter in Ibiza – What charter options does C11 offer?


We have all the options you can imagine for a family catamaran charter in Ibiza.


  • Half day (4 hours) – To discover and experience with your family the beauty of sailing, take a swim in a crystal clear cove (we have snorkelling masks and fins), test your balance on our Paddle Surf, and enjoy a picture postcard sunset


  • Full day catamaran charter (8 hours) – To spend a whole day on board and discover the coves and landscapes of Ibiza and Formentera, paddle surfing, snorkelling. In short, a family day to remember. The Mediterranean sunset will be the icing on the cake.


  • Family weekend charter in Ibiza – Spend a couple of days on board exploring Ibiza and Formentera with the added bonus of waking up in a turquoise cove and taking a morning swim. A pleasure difficult to express in words. You’ll have to come and try it for yourself 😉


Family catamaran charter Ibiza - woman swimming on crystal clear waters

The first thing in the morning is to take a dip in these crystal clear waters – what could be better?


  • Charter a few days or a week on a catamaran in Ibiza – The best option if you want to experience a different family holiday full of new sensations. Waking up every morning in a different cove, discovering new landscapes, sailing and enjoying postcard sunsets. It’s an experience that leaves every family wanting more.



Many companies offer catamaran hire in Ibiza but we are convinced that we are the best choice. Our TripAdvisor reviews attest to this. In 2020 we were finally awarded the Traveler’s Choice award for our quality, service and 5 star reviews. We have now won this prestigious award for four consecutive years.


Many of these reviews are from family groups that have come to enjoy aboard our catamaran in Ibiza.


catamaran in Ibiza for families - view from a hatch of our catamaran

Waking up, opening the hatch and discovering such spectacular scenery every day is priceless.


Contact us and tell us what family plan you have in mind. We will do our best to make it happen…and we assure you that at an unbeatable price.


Catamaran charter for families with children in Ibiza – Is a catamaran suitable for children?

Customers often wonder if a catamaran is suitable for the youngest members of the family.


Will the little ones have a good time?


Well, we’ll answer with a long question… Can you imagine yourself as a child spending a holiday discovering coves, swimming in crystal clear waters until you’re wrinkled, snorkelling, paddle surfing, doing your summer homework sitting in the cockpit of the catamaran instead of in your room, being taken to coves you’ve only seen in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, discovering the mystery of sailing, sunsets that can only be seen in the background of a computer screen, discovering all the underwater flora and fauna of the islands, seeing dolphins …… and a thousand and one other adventures?


Parents are often surprised that children are the first to get up. I’ve heard more than once; “At home it’s hard for me to get them up! Because the excitement of a day of adventures gives the children an extra boost of energy…. Don’t worry, they’ll be the first to fall asleep after a hard day of pirate adventures. 😉



family catamaran in Ibiza with children - father and children paddle surfing.

Stand up paddle surfing is not the only way to go…. especially with the children 🙂


Is a catamaran safe for kids?


It’s natural to think about safety when travelling with children, in fact, it’s probably the first thing you think about when planning a family holiday.


  • The catamaran is a boat renowned for its safety and comfort.
  • Unlike a sailboat, there is no heel (when sailing on a catamaran. Therefore we are always in the same horizontal plane.
  •  Before setting sail, we always give a safety briefing with special emphasis on what we consider to be the most important security issues for the children.
  • We have safety waistcoats for children on board.


family with children catamaran in Ibiza, a girl enjoying the pulpit when sailing

The pulpit is one of the favourite places for children and adults alike to enjoy the sailing and the view.


Family catamaran charter in Ibiza – What is the price and what is included?

What’s the price?


To quote you the best price we need you to contact us and let us know:


  • How many people you are in the family.
  • When do you plan to board our catamaran in Ibiza.
  • What type of catamaran charter in Ibiza are you thinking of – half day, full day, week?


We want to make it clear that our prices are not the madness of other companies. We invite you to contact our competitors and compare.


Why do we have such a competitive price? Check it out by clicking HERE!


Even in high season, when other companies dedicate the boat to week charters, we offer catamaran day charter.


We would like to warn you that if you try a catamaran day charter in Ibiza with your family, it is very likely that you will repeat and come back next year to spend your holidays on board. A week on a catamaran with your family is something you can’t miss.


Family catamaran Charter Ibiza

The crew happy with a family that stay one week on board discovering Ibiza and Formentera.


Because renting a catamaran is one of the best things to do in ibiza with for families!


what’s included in our catamaran rental for families in Ibiza?






Final Cleaning

Final Cleaning





Bed Linen (Overnight charters)

Bed Linen (Overnight charters)

Paddle surf

Paddle surf

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment



Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Cool box for your drinks

Cool box for your drinks

So much fun!

So much fun!


Yes, all this is included, so don’t worry, you won’t have any last minute surprises. You won’t have to pay extra for the skipper, or for cleaning, or even for petrol.


Yes, unlike other catamaran charter companies, for overnight charters and day charters , fuel is included in the price we offer. Not only will you save money (if you have already chartered a catamaran in Ibiza you will know what I am talking about), but also the hassle of wasting your last afternoon waiting in line at the gas station, or being charged an exorbitant price for every engine hour.


Our price is all included!


Just bring your drinks, food and desire to have a great time…we’ll provide the rest! 🙂


Not included…

  • Food and drink
  • Mooring in case you want to spend a night in one of the ports of Ibiza and Formentera. This is not necessary. The beauty of the experience is discovering the islands and sleeping in a different cove day by day.


Catamaran charter for families in Ibiza, what are the itineraries?

Catamaran day charter in Ibiza …

The itinerary will depend on the weather and also on what you want to discover and the plan you have in mind. We have many itineraries and all of them are spectacular. That’s the good thing about Ibiza, whatever the weather, there is always an itinerary protected from the wind and the waves to spend a quiet and safe day..

West coast

  • San Antonio – Cala Bassa  Cala Conta — Isla de S’espardar  Isla de la conejera  San Antonio
  • Cala Tarida — Cala D’hort — Es Vedra — Es Vedranell — Atlantis — Cala Tarida

South Ibiza

  • Cala Jondal — Cap D’esfalco — Salinas — Sa Caleta — Cala Jondal



Ibiza – Formentera

  • Cala Jondal — Illetas en Formentera — Espalmador Formentera — Cala Jondal




Family on a small beach underneath a stunning cliffFamily on a spectacular cliff. One of those places that can only be reached by sea.
Ibiza is much more than what you think.


Catamaran week charter in Ibiza…


The idea is to discover as many coves and corners of the islands as possible.


If the weather permits and the sailing family likes to sail and discover, in a week you can even sail the whole of Ibiza and Formentera.


We assure you that you will discover landscapes and places that you never thought could be on these islands. Because Ibiza and Formentera are much more than small coves and white sand.

catamaran for family in Ibiza - map of Ibiza and Formentera

Ibiza and its little sister… Formentera.

We have a dinghy on the catamaran. You can go ashore as much as you like. The skipper will take you out and come and pick you up when you feel like coming back. Many clients love to go down for lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants along the coasts of Ibiza and Formentera.


For families we recommend …

In Ibiza Es Boldado.

In Formentera the Moli de sal

Catamaran charter in Ibiza for families, what’s the plan?

Whether you come for a single day or a whole week on board our catamaran in Ibiza, the first thing we will do, once we put the drinks to cool :), will be a safety briefing before we start enjoying the excursion. Don’t worry, it only takes five minutes for the one day catamaran charter and about fifteen minutes for the overnight catamaran charter.


From this point on, the family is in charge. You don’t have to anchor if you want to sail and if you anchor you can stay as long as you like. That’s the beauty of having a catamaran exclusively for the family in Ibiza.



family catamaran charter ibiza - family on the net of our catamaran in Ibiza

It’s always time for a family photo when arriving at the clear waters of Formentera.




And of course… every day will end with a beautiful sunset. No one can stop staring at this grandiose spectacle.


catamaran for families in Ibiza - family enjoying the sunset on board our catamaran in Ibiza

Sailing from Ibiza and Formentera and enjoying a sunset with the family is something not to be forgotten.


catamaran charter in Ibiza for families – what is the best of the excursion?


  • Discover Ibiza and Formentera from the sea and in the company of your family.
  • Experience sailing in a 40 feet (12 meters) catamaran.
  • Discover some of the best coves in the world.
  • Swimming in crystal clear waters.
  • Try Stand up paddle surfing.
  • Snorkel with our masks and fins that we put at the disposal of our clients.
  • Joy and fun…lots of joy and fun.
  • What more could you ask for?

I can assure you that you will enjoy every minute of the experience of discovering Ibiza and Formentera on our catamaran.


Catamaran rental ibiza for families. Family enjoying the crystal blue waters of Ibiza

A whole family enjoying a swim at the foot of the cliffs of Formentera. They don’t look like they are having a bad time 🙂



Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


Thank you for reading this post 🙂

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