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I am not going to wave the flag of ecology and make the typical post of “How ecological we are, how much we respect the environment”.


I am going to talk about our commitment to the environment, as marketing manual says how not to talk, from the truth and total sincerity.


As someone, related to this catamaran rental business in Ibiza, told me, “you complain a lot about how others act (ecologically speaking) but you go on a catamaran”. And he was right. For starters, we have two engines in the catamaran plus a small outboard motor in our dinghy, the material with which the catamaran is built, the paints, varnishes, the ecological wear and tear involved in the construction of a boat, and so on and so forth.


All this, and many other reasons, which do not fit in this post, make our business, what we do, is not as environmentally friendly as we would like.


On this basis, I have to say that we act trying as much as possible to respect the environment.


We have a long way to go, a lot to improve on board. And we believe, from the knowledge we have of this business in Ibiza, that if “in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king” we are the one-eyed man or at least one of them.


our commitment to the environment - our catamaran at anchor in the beauriful Cala Jondal

At anchor in the beautiful Jondal Cove


Our Commitment to the Environment. What is certain is that…



Undoubtedly, and I say this with absolute conviction, we are the catamaran that sails the most in Ibiza and Formentera. The most ecological energy in the world. Our catamaran, neither so heavy nor so bulky, as the new trend in catamarans, makes its weight-volume-sail area ratio, perfect for sailing, even in winds that other bulkier catamarans do not even consider hoisting sails. This was one of the reasons why we chose it. And we must also say that sailing is in our DNA and is a symbol of our commitment to the environment. If you come on board you will find out for yourself.



Our commitment with the enviroment - The sails of our catamaran for rent in Ibiza.


Solar Panels

We have enough solar panels on board not to have to turn on the engines to recharge the service batteries that power the day to day chores on the catamaran. We can spend the whole day at anchor without worrying about the state of the batteries. Anyone who owns a boat knows what I mean :


Our commitment with the enviroment - Solar panels of our catamaran for hire in Ibiza



We do not have a generator on board. We know that we lose a percentage of clientele who want the comfort of air conditioning and a powerful watermaker. But we are still resisting this. One more engine, more diesel consumption, more oils, chemicals, filters, membranes and more membranes… etc etc etc. We would save the purchase of water bottles (recyclable), that’s true. But at what cost? This is a long debate worthy of another post.



Most of the chemicals we use on board are environmentally friendly products. I honestly don’t think we will ever reach 100%, but we will at least try to get close. It is difficult, I assure you. Of course all the products we use that are likely to reach the sea, such as washing-up liquid, dishwasher soap, toilet cleaner, shampoo, are environmentally friendly. But with so many others, we struggle to find a good alternative. The amount of chemicals that are needed on a boat to keep it clean and in working order is really enormous. Think of the chemicals you have at home…well, multiply that by three.


Single-use plastic

NO to single-use plastic. We are very aware of the problem with plastic on the planet. Very aware. We live in the sea and we see every day how there is more and more of it. To abstain from using plastic, working with clients every day for four months, is very, very difficult, I assure you. The clients arrive with food and drinks, how do we collect the garbage if not in plastic bags that we bring ashore every day? I have not given a logistically feasible answer to this question. We separate waste on board and try to use the minimum amount of all kinds of plastics. Those that we have no choice but to use, we bring ashore for recycling in the appropriate container. We have a lot of room for improvement on this point as well.


  • If you come on board, do not bring plastic cutlery, glasses or plates. We have everything you need on board, even metal straws, for your cocktails, which can be washed and reused a million times. Every detail counts.

1 less plastic + 1 less plastic + 1 less plastic + 1 less plastic = a lot of plastic savings.


  • Every year we collect from the catamaran kilos and kilos of plastic that we find in the sea and in the coves. Every year more and more. It is crazy. Plastic tides that often come from Africa, other times from the carelessness or lack of awareness of other boats, plastics that come from the coast of Ibiza … is a battle that we know lost against the mighty knight Mr. Money. Until the governments of the planet say NO to plastic, until petroleum runs out…we will have to live with it.


Posidonia Oceanic

We anchor respecting the precious Posidonia. Here we reach 100%.


In short, our commitment to the environment is firm and we are very aware of it. We hope to improve little by little so that our company gets closer and closer to the ideal we have in mind.




Federico and Belen were extremely attentive, easy going and always asking for our preferences.We stopped at some "hidden" pristine beaches on the west coast of the island, had fun stand up paddle boarding and even did a short hike on a rock where the view was simply breathtaking! The day ended with the most beautiful sunset before heading back to shore. We also loved that Federico stopped the boat to pick up a plastic bottle that was floating in the sea, you can tell he really cares about the environment. Couldn't have asked for a better day and the catamaran is simply beautiful. Highly recommended for both friends and families.

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