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All photos shown, both in this article and on the Charters Eleven Catamaran hire in Ibiza website, are owned by us, we didn’t get them not from a catalogue or from an online photo stock, but taken by the Captain Federico Sanchis or by clients who gave us permission to publish them. Therefore, everyone who appears in the photos gave us their permission to the photos.

The boat


Catamaran hire in Ibiza anchored in cala D'hort


Our Leopard 40 catamaran hire in Ibiza anchored in the turquoise waters of Cala D’hort, one of our favourite coves on the west coast of Ibiza. You can appreciate the spaciousness of the catamaran, with more than enough room for everyone to relax and enjoy the scenery.


Check out the two big solar panels that allow us to enjoy clean and ecological energy on board.


Ibiza Catamaran Charter – Sail and enjoy


The sails of our catamaran hire in Ibiza


Speaking of clean energy …. there is nothing cleaner and more ecological than moving with the simple push of the wind. Even if it isn’t a windy day, at Charters Eleven we always hoist the mainsail after raising the anchor just to be ready in case God Aeolus wakes up.


Ibiza Catamaran Charter – What’s a catamaran without a net?


Group of friends relaxing on the net while sailing


After spending a spectacular day on a catamaran in Formentera, it’s time to sail back to Ibiza and relax in the net of our catamaran with the sunset as a witness. Can you imagine a better moment of relaxation than this?



Girls relaxing on the net


Nice picture of a group of friends relaxing on the net of our catamaran hire in Ibiza.


You can appreciate how wide and comfortable Geronimo’s  catamaran net is, it isn’t made of ropes, instead, it’s all one elastic piece, without the uncomfortable seams of other nets.




Also, unlike other catamarans, it doesn’t have a walkway across the net, instead, the all net is available for you to lie comfortably just a metre above the water.


Ibiza Catamaran charter – Toys for old kids 🙂


Girl snorkeling and boy getting ready for it

A customer preparing his snorkelling equipment on the stern of our charter catamaran in Formentera to take a dip in the clear waters of the white island.


We have snorkeling equipment for everyone at Charters Eleven.


The girl wears one of our full-face Easy Breath goggles.  These masks are designed to allow you to breathe through your nose while observing the underwater fauna and flora.


girl on stand up paddle surf


We have stand up paddle surf available for our customers to have a great time.


If you have never tried it before, we can tell you that it is more difficult than it looks like. As shown in the photo, the best way to start practising, until you get the hang of it, is by getting down on your knees.


Captain Fede will give you some practical tips so that you can start standing up and enjoy the sensation of gliding through the water. I assure you it’s like riding a bike. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t forget it no matter how much time goes by.


Taking a dip into the turquoise waters of Ibiza and Formentera on a catamaran day charter or catamaran week charter with our diving goggles and fins, available to our customers, or on our floaties, is without a doubt, a pleasure not to be missed.


We also offer floaties to our customers.


At first we thought they were going to be played only by children…but it seems to be more popular among the grown-ups 😀


Catamaran hire in Ibiza, girl on a duck floatie


Ibiza Catamaran Charter – Comfort and Spaciousness

Catamaran hire in Ibiza - the saloon of the catamaran



A photo of the living room of our catamaran for hire in Ibiza and Formentera. A 70 square metre flat, fully equipped and with sea views, available this summer in Ibiza and Formentera for you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. You won’t feel at home, you’ll feel even better! 🙂


Catamaran hire in ibiza. Geronimo anchored in cala jondal
Our catamaran in Ibiza anchored in the beautiful cala Jondal.


Catamaran Hire Ibiza. Girl just about to jump at the rear of the catamaran


The catamaran allows easy access to the turquoise waters of the Balearic Islands.



Catamaran rental Ibiza. Group of friends happy on the catamaran in Ibiza


The captain with a group of friends having a great time on our catamaran charter for a day in Ibiza.



Group of friends happy celebrating a birthday on board.


A group enjoying an aperitif in Geronimo’s outdoor cockpit. They were celebrating the birthday of one of them. They had such a good time that they come back every summer to enjoy a day on our catamaran charter in Ibiza and Formentera.


They are already part of the Charters Eleven family.


The truth is that those moments with clients are the best part of being a catamaran captain in Ibiza and Formentera.



 Geronimo catamaran hire in Ibiza from the top


Our Leopard 40 catamaran anchored in cala D’hort.  Click HERE if you are interested on knowing why we chose a Leopard 40 catamaran instead of a Lagoon 380, which actually was Charters Eleven first choice for our catamaran hire in Ibiza.




Catamaran Hire Ibiza – Happiness in its purest form


happy girls on board.


Group of friends who spent a day on our catamaran rental sailing and enjoying the coves of Ibiza to celebrate a bachelorette party. What a great time we had!


Catamaran rental Ibiza – Families


A happy family on board

A French family who spent a week on our catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera, posing happily to immortalise the moment.


I remember this  week charter and this family very fondly. It was the first full week of Geronimo in Ibiza. The group, from France, were actually two families who made me feel like I was on holiday.


Thanks to both, The weather conditions and the fact that the group loved  sailing, we were able to sail all over Ibiza and Formentera.


Here we were anchored in the Xarraca cove, north of Ibiza.


What a great memory!



Catamaran Hire in Ibiza. Family on board.

Because it’s not all about changing filters and engine belts, tightening nuts and sanding the hull.


Here the skipper (captain) Fede Sanchis, having a great time with a Spanish family who came to spend a catamaran week charter in Ibiza and Formentera.


Catamaran hire ibiza, geronimo in saona


Here in some beautiful caves located to the west of Formentera, very close to Cala Saona.


As the caves can only be reached by sea, is one of those places that you can only discover if you hire a boat in Ibiza or Formentera.


Catamaran rental Ibiza  – Groups of Friends


Catamaran day hire ibiza, group of friends.


A group of friends who came on our catamaran day charter from Ibiza to Formentera posing happily on arrival. A smile is worth a thousand words! 🙂


This photo was taken at the end of May. Although the water is not as warm as in July or August, the sunny and warm weather is already perfect for a catamaran charter around Ibiza and Formentera.


Catamaran Hire in Ibiza, boys on board

If what you are looking for is to disconnect and forget about everything, I assure you that spending a day, a weekend, a few days or a whole week on board our Geronimocatamaran hire in Ibiza and Formentera – is, as my grandmother used to say ….


Just what the doctor ordered 🙂


What a great time we had on the catamaran bachelorette charters in Ibiza!


Sailing, discovering coves, toasting, laughing … and all of this knowing that it’s the last fun thing you’re going to do for the rest of your life :D. Just kidding, the truth is that it was a delight to see how the girls had a wonderful time during the catamaran trip to Formentera.


Catamaran rental in Ibiza – Couples


Catamaran Hire in Ibiza. A couple on the net enjoying the sunset


What a pleasure!


We have had several marriage proposals on board our catamaran hire in Ibiza and Formentera.


Catamaran Hire in Ibiza. Belen taking a picture of this beautiful couple

The captain taking a picture of this beautiful couple.


We have lived them with so much intensity and emotion. A shot made if you are not very clear about the answer and you want your future wife or husband to have no choice but to say ….


YES! 😛




Catamaran Hire in Ibiza and Formentera – Landscapes and spots



The perfect sunset on a catamaran in Ibiza


Can you imagine sailing on our charter catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera and experiencing one of those sunsets that will remain in your memories forever?



We assure you that it is not as expensive as you think. We have very competent prices and we are convinced that our “value for the money” is the best in the catamaran rental market in Ibiza.



Don’t hesitate, contact us and let us know how many people you are, when you want to come and how many days you want to enjoy on board our catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera. We will send you a quote that will smash the competition.


Why we have such good prices? Why should you choose C11 as your catamaran charter company in Ibiza and Formentera? Click HERE and find out! 😉


A summer cloud in Ibiza


 Impressive cloud discharging rain at sunset. It is quite common to see these clouds in the middle of the summer season in Ibiza and Formentera, especially from September onwards. The spectacle is, let’s face it, spec-ta-ta-cu-lar!



Catamaran day charter Ibiza to Formentera


Girl on the beach at Formentera

This is a small beach near Es Calo which can only be reached by boat. A spot that will take your breath away!


We usually anchor just in front of it (you can see Geronimo in the background) and take our clients to this paradisiacal cove with our dinghy that we have at the disposal of our clients.


Don’t worry if you don’t know how to handle a dinghy as it is the captain’s job to take you wherever you wish and also to pick you up.

On the way to Formentera


The wall in the south of Ibiza. Only reached by catamaran

It is really impossible to show the majesty of this cliff in a picture. Unless you are a professional climber, this small cove in the south of Ibiza, is only accessible by sea.


On our Ibiza Formentera catamaran day charter we like to make a stop at this cove that leaves everyone speechless.


It is important to meet early to find anchorage in this small cove. There is very little sand, and as soon as three boats anchor it becomes difficult to find sand to drop anchor and enjoy this spectacular corner of Ibiza.



Illetes and Es Palmador


girl at the beach of Es palmador


The small island of Es Palmador.


A paradise in between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. On a day catamaran charter in Ibiza and Formentera you will enjoy these waters that are not those of the Caribbean but those of the White Islands.


Blue waters of Formentera from the catamaran

No, we have not filtered this photo. This is how turquoise, transparent and clean the waters of Formentera are.


But why are waters of Ibiza and Formentera so clean and clear? Let’s thank Miss Poseidonea.


A plant (not algae) endemic to the Mediterranean and that inhabits the first metres of depth along the coast.


Poseidonea meadows filter and clean the waters they inhabit. This plant also serves as a refuge for many species of fish and crustaceans in the Mediterranean.


It seems incredible to me that this magical plant is only talked about when it is used as an excuse to set paying buoys along the coast of Ibiza and Formentera.


behind every good cause there is an economic reason


Catamaran Ibiza. Geronimo anchored on sand.

Geronimo is  anchored on sand so that it does not damage the Poseidonea meadows. This precious plant which is, without knowing it, one of the many reasons for which Ibiza and Formentera are known all over the world and also why Charters Eleven has chosen this small area of the world to sail summer after summer.


To be honest…we can’t get enough of these clear waters and miss it so much when we sail around other areas of the planet.


Sailing back to Ibiza


day charter Ibiza to Formentera on a catamaran


Enjoying the magnificent sunsets of Ibiza on board our catamaran charter in Ibiza and Formentera is priceless!


Not every month of the year it’s possible to appreciate the sunset so well when returning to Ibiza from the Formentera catamaran charter.


It is from mid-September onwards that it is possible to enjoy the sun setting into the sea as we return to Ibiza after the Formentera catamaran charter. The months previous to this, the sun sets further north and the coast of Ibiza does not allow to watch the sun sinking into the ocean. It can be seen hiding quietly behind the coastline. I assure you it’s still a photo to print and frame…. nowadays that’s quite a thing!.



Geronimo anchored in Talamanca


Here we are, anchored in Talamanca Beach just after our catamaran day charter to Formentera.



Catamaran day charter around Ibiza’s coast


Sailing close to Es Vedra


Day charter Ibiza – Es Vedra

Without a doubt my favorite Ibiza’s catamaran charter itinerary, not only because we sail around Es Vedra but because each and every corner of this itinerary is simply spectacular. We named it … “The Magic Island”.

That is why I dedicate this and the following photos to this itinerary that has given so much joy to me and my guests.

The pickup point is in Cala Tarida. Once everybody is onboard and after a quick briefing we will sail to Cala D’hort, where you will have lunch on board or in one of the restaurants located along the cove.


Our favourite restaurant is Es Boldado.Because of its quality of food (the fish paella is the best I have ever tasted) and the stunning views over Es Vedra, this restaurant always leaves guests satisfied, happy and wanting to come back.


After lunch and a swim it’s time to sail to the magic Island of Es Vedra and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.


Es vedra



Sailing to Es Vedra from Cala D’hort.


Weather permitting, this itinerary will also include a stop at Atlantis, Ibiza’s secret cove.


Cala Tarida - part of our favorite catamaran itinerary around Ibiza


Finally we will sail back to Cala Tarida with the sunset in the background; What a beautiful cove it is!


I assure you that it is a SPECTACULAR catamaran day charter.


Atlantis, a beautiful cove


This isn’t Mars, it is Atlantis, located in the west of Ibiza. A cove that is also part of this catamaran charter itinerary, in the west of Ibiza.


Its takes sweat and tears to reach this cove by land. It is about a two-hour walk under the sun.


Walking along you can appreciate the cuts made to obtain the stone, which due to its properties of easy carving, light weight and resistance, was chosen to build the wall that was raised to surround and protect the old city of Ibiza (D’alt Vila).



The Rock of Es Vedra always gives us pictures to frame.


Es Vedra on a cloudy day - a pirate boat close to it


It’s not a typical Ibiza summer picture but I LOVE this one with the Black Pearl from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the clouds threatening a storm.


Symbol of Ibiza and source of countless stories and beliefs. From being the lair of an evil ogre (kind of the King Kong story), to some beliefs that nominate this rock as one of the most energetic points on the planet. As you sail closer, I can assure you that you will feel the overflowing energy that the rock radiates.



Day charter Ibiza – The best beaches and coves of Ibiza


San Antonio's sunset from our catamaran hire in Ibiza


On our itinerary “The best coves of Ibiza” we leave San Antonio and discover Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, the natural park of La Conejera, and if the weather conditions allow it, we can even sail to the beautiful Cala Tarida. An itinerary that lives up to its name.


It is possible to sight the island of La Conejera and the Bledas islands in the background, just in front of San Antonio. It is the most famous sunset in Ibiza, which can also be enjoyed from the world-famous Café del Mar. For its chill-out music and for gathering hundreds of people to enjoy the sunset, it is today one of the unavoidable things to do in Ibiza.


Catamaran Hire in Ibiza. Girls ejoying the sunset.


We don’t like crowds. We prefer to stay in the front row to ejoy the show 😉



Catamaran week charter in Ibiza and Formentera



Catamaran Hire Ibiza. Morning view from our catamaran hire in Ibiza

The German's cove

North of Ibiza


On our catamaran charter week in Ibiza every morning when opening the hatch you will enjoy a stunning landscape. Don’t ever say you don’t deserve such a holiday!!! 🙂


Here we are anchored in a cove known as “The German’s cove” in the north of Ibiza.


Without a doubt one of my favourite spots in the Pitiusas islands. There is only one house, the German’s house, spectacular by the way, and everything else is what you see, water, rock and blue.




On a week charter Ibiza Formentera I check the weather forecast as much as I can to plan the itinerary and to be able to take my clients to these postcard-perfect coves.




Here we are anchored with our catamaran in another beautiful cove in the north of Ibiza. I’m not going to say the name of this cove because not many people know it and I prefer to keep it that way 😉


This area of the island is not so well known because it is more inaccessible. Also, without so many beach bars and beach clubs, it is off the beaten tourist track.



The oldest locals claim that this is what the island was like only 50 years ago, quiet and natural.



Not very often it’s possible to sail to the north of Ibiza. The winds in summer tend to be from the east and northeast, which makes anchoring in its coves uncomfortable. But when it is possible to reach … it is a real pleasure.


Formentera’s Light Houses


Acantilado con el faro de Cap de Barbaria.


Contrary to what many people think, Formentera is not just about white sandy beaches and trendy restaurants. In fact, the vast majority of its coastline is formed by towering cliffs and it’s more uninhabited than the Sahara.


Formentera has two lighthouses, the Cap de Barbaria to the southwest, and the Pilar de la Mola to the southeast of the island.


In this photo it is possible to appreciate the lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria that was the cover of the film that made me discover Formentera “Lucia and the sex“. In our week charter in Ibiza and Formentera it is possible to sail all around the island of Formentera and enjoy every corner of this Mediterranean pearl.



I can assure you that there are places that you would have never imagined could be on this small island located south of Ibiza.


If you come by land to Formentera a visit to these lighthouses is surely one of the best things to do in Formentera.


Cliffs and Blue Water


Geronimo catamaran hire in Ibiza anchored in the south of Formentera


Nice panoramic photo of Geronimo anchored in one of our favourite spots in the south of Formentera. There is no cove, no beach, no boats or beach bars, just an imposing and wild cliff.


Catamaran Hire in Ibiza. Group relaxing swimming in Formentera



Taking a dip in this spot is always one of the most beautiful moments of the catamaran week charter in Ibiza and Formentera.



Happy people on our catamaran in Ibiza



I hope you enjoyed the photos and comments as much as I enjoyed writing and selecting the content of this page.


If you want to discover the corners and secret spots shown in this article do not hesitate to contact Charters Eleven catamaran hire in Ibiza. We will send you a quote that will erase any doubts you may have …. guaranteed!


Thank you very much for reading this post 🙂


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