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Catamaran Rental in Ibiza. What are the Itineraries for a catamaran day trip Ibiza offered by Charters Eleven?


Catamaran Rental in Ibiza, friends enjoying the day charter at the bow of the catamaran

A beautiful photo showing a group of friends enjoying the day on the catamaran we offer for charter in Ibiza and Formentera.


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Catamaran Rental In Ibiza and Formentera

We are very proud of our TripAdvisor Reviews



Thanks to a wonderful climate, postcard-perfect coves and spectacular landscapes, Ibiza has become a worldwide destination for catamaran rental.



Whichever route you choose, it will be an unforgettable Ibiza catamaran charter .


The one day catamaran rental in Ibiza with Charters Eleven is an eight hour excursion. Time enough for you to discover and enjoy a great area of the island.



You will navigate to places of outstanding beauty, swim in coves, paddle surf, use our fins and masks, and of course enjoy the sunset on board. We assure you that it will be the best day of your holiday. This is what we know from the hundreds of groups that we have already taken to discover the islands from our catamaran in ibiza named Geronimo.


Prior to you coming on board, we will ask you what kind of group you are and what your expectations are for your day charter Ibiza. Our experience as a catamaran charter company in Ibiza and Formentera, this summer 2022 will be our seventh season in the Pitiusas, will allow us to suggest the itinerary that we think you will enjoy the most, and of course, the most appropriate itinerary or itineraries for the expected weather conditions on the day of your catamaran charter in Ibiza. Because, whether we like it or not, on the sea, the gods Aeolus and Neptune are the lords and masters.



We must say, before informing you about our itineraries, that unlike other catamaran excursion companies, these are not strict itineraries, with stipulated timetables, half hour stops, etc. …. etc.


We will sail and we will make you discover an area of Ibiza. But if you want to stay longer in a cove, we’ll stay. If you want to sail just because you are enjoying the sailing and the scenery, we’ll keep sailing. 🙂


It’s your day and we’ll do whatever you want!



catamaran rental in Ibiza, sunset from the catamaran

Enjoying the sunset on board is an unforgettable experience.

Catamaran rental in Ibiza – Our itineraries


We present you a varied selection of itineraries that we offer you to discover ibiza and formentera.


The Best Beaches – From San Antonio to Cala Tarida – Northwest Ibiza


Port Destorrent

This itinerary is not to be missed. We will pick you up at Port Destorrent, very close to the bay of San Antonio. A beautiful small cove, with a small dock to pick you up comfortably and easily with the dinghy.


Cala Bassa

We will sail towards Cala Bassa, where the first swim of your day charter Ibiza  is a must. You already know that we have on board Paddle Surf and mask and fins for everyone. For those of you who want to go down for lunch, we can call the boatman at Cala Bassa Beach Club for you to feast on Mediterranean food.


Cala Conta

This well known beach will be our next anchorage point. Crystal clear waters and spectacular scenery with the island of Ses Bosques and La Conejera.


Conejera Island


The Conejera Island


For those who like to sail and enjoy a place of pure nature, we can sail around the natural park of the island of Conejera. Cliffs, a beautiful lighthouse, and the only sound of the breeze, the sea and the squawking of the seagulls. Many clients turn off the music to enjoy this magical moment.


We will sail between the island of Ses Bosques and the island of Conejera to leave the bay and sail towards Cala Tarida.


Cala Tarida and Esparta Island

The wide Cala Tarida offers a beautiful anchorage with crystal clear waters. Perfect for snorkellers. If there is time, and the sun is yet to set, we can show you the island of Espartá. Another natural park with a beautiful anchorage. Ibiza has a lot to offer for nature lovers.


We will pass by more small and lovely coves. If you feel like it, we can anchor to enjoy the waters and landscapes.


Bledas national park

If there is still time left and you still feel like sailing, we can visit the national park. A small archipelago of islands. You’ll think you’re at the end of the world, but you’re just a few miles from San Antonio.


At sunset we will return to the meeting point, sailing, with that beautiful light that gives the sunset and the most famous Ibiza sunset.


Without a doubt, this is a spectacular itinerary. We offer it to all kinds of groups, because not only does it offer a great variety of possibilities, but it also pleases everyone who comes on board.


Alquiler catamarán Ibiza, la preciosa puesta de sol entre la isla de ses Bosques y la isla de la Conejera

Ibiza’s most famous sunset. Watching the sun set between the island of Ses Bosques and the Isla de la Conejera fills your retina up with memories. You can see the Bledas Islands right where the sun sets.


Es Magnetic Rock Es Vedra – From Cala Tarida to the mythical cove of Atlantis – West Ibiza


How we love this catamaran charter itinerary in Ibiza !

From the transparent waters where we will welcome you, to the mythical and spectacular Atlantis cove. This itinerary is a pleasure from start to finish and without a doubt, our favourite itinerary.


Cala Tarida

We will pick you up with the dinghy at a small dock in Cala Tarida, in front of the restaurant “Chiringuito“. Few can resist taking off their sarongs and taking their first swim of the day when they see the crystal clear waters in which we will be anchored.


Cala Dhort

We will sail towards this famous beach. A navigation of no more than 30 minutes that will fly by while enjoying the marvellous landscapes that this navigation offers. Another spectacular anchorage, with views of the imposing rock of Es Vedra. For those who want to go ashore for lunch, we suggest the Es Boldado restaurant. After the paella that my mother makes at home on Sundays, this is my favourite place for a succulent fish paella… and with unbeatable views over Es Vedra.


Es Vedra


Girls on board Geronimo catamaran ibiza while sailing towards Es Vedra


After lunch, we can sail around the mythical rock of Es Vedra. It is not only the symbol of Ibiza, but also an inspiration for musicians and artists. No wonder. The energy that this rock gives off is simply amazing. We assure you that this navigation will leave you speechless and without megabytes on your cellphone. You won’t be able to resist taking one photo after another.


Es Vedranel

Next to Es Vedra is its little sister Es Vedranel. With its horseshoe shape it allows us to enter what was said to be a hiding place for pirate ships. We always advise our guests to sit on the bow, turn off the music and enjoy this unique and very special place in silence. Everyone thanks us for having taken them on a journey into the horseshoe and a trip back in time.




Catamaran hire Ibiza


The mythical Atlantis cove is another spectacular anchorage on this itinerary. In our post “Things to do in Ibiza“, we recommend the beautiful but tough hike from land to this hidden cove of Ibiza. We will anchor near a beautiful and imposing cliff and we can take you in Zodiac to take a walk among its rocks and natural pools. Well, not so natural, these pools were made by man to carry away the rock that would later form part of the wall of Ibiza.

Without any doubt…a highlight of this Ibiza catamaran charter.


We will end the day sailing, with your music and your people, enjoying the sunset. I can not imagine a better end for an amazing catamaran day trip Ibiza.


How we love this catamaran charter itinerary in Ibiza!



Catamaran rental in Ibiza, girl admairing the views

It could very well be the cover of a Mike Oldfield album. You won’t be able to take your eyes off this rock that emerges from the ocean with the force of a volcano.


The Beauty – From Es Xarcu to Salinas – South Ibiza


This Ibiza day charter itinerary ranges from a landscape full of beautiful, glittering people, sunbathing in the sun while listening to Ibiza’s famous music, to corners inaccessible by land, with pure nature and tranquillity. Glamour and relaxation, all in one. There is plenty to suit all tastes.


Es Xarcu

We will pick you up from a pier in front of the restaurant Es Xarcu, very close to the famous Blue Marlin Beach Club.


On this itinerary, as we will not be able to see the sunset, since we are in the south of Ibiza and the sunset is to the west, we recommend you to meet as early as possible. Ten o’clock in the morning is a good time to make the most of the hours of sunshine and get to the coves first, so that you can enjoy the places alone, which later on will already have boats. Without a doubt, it is worth getting up a little earlier than for other itineraries.


Es Torrent

No other cove in ibiza offers a cliff as imposing as the one located in Es Torrent. Crystal clear waters, good snorkeling, white sand. Just an amazind spot. We will also show you the beautiful cove of Porroight.


Es Codolar


Catamaran Rental Ibiza - the red cliff of Es codolar


Another imposing cove with red cliffs. For those of you who want to go down to eat, there is a beautiful restaurant right on the beach.


Cap Des Falco

This cove is inaccessible by land due to the imposing cliffs that surround it. Perfect for lovers of tranquillity and snorkelling. You will find it hard to believe that being so close to the bustling Cala Jondal, you are enjoying such a natural and peaceful spot. It is certainly “The other Ibiza”.


Salinas beach

This wide bay owes its name to the fact that, even today, large boats come to collect the salt produced in the salt lakes of Ibiza. On the one hand we have the bustling and wide beach of Las Salinas, full of fashionable beach bars, and on the other, a natural park with small coves of transparent water. As we said at the beginning…there is plenty to suit all tastes. 🙂


catamaran rental in Ibiza, man having a nap in salinas beach

At anchor in front of the Salinas natural park. A client enjoying a little nap under the awning we installed for him to fully relax. The shade, the breeze and the views will ensure a perfect snooze.


Catamaran rental Ibiza to Formentera

What can I say about Formentera?


Clean, crystal-clear waters, luxury restaurants right on the beach, hustle and bustle, peace and quiet, beautiful people, luxury, hippies, pearl bikinis, nudism, natural beauty spots. Formentera is undoubtedly a sea of contrasts and beauty that you cannot miss.


I remember a French client who told me that he came to Formentera in the early seventies, sailing from France with is own boat. As we approached the island he was surprised by the number of boats that could be seen, the restaurants, the port. I can still remember his surprised face as he shook his head from side to side and repeated to himself … “C’est incroiyable!


And the fact is that Formentera has become, in the blink of an eye, a world famous destination. Everybody likes this small Mediterranean island. Both for lovers of luxury and glamour, as well as for lovers of nudism and nature. And apart from its beauty, it is true that you can feel a very special energy.


Girl swimming in Formentera


Metting point

Depending on the weather conditions, this Ibiza catamaran charter will start either in Es Xarcu or in Talamanca. The trip lasts about an hour and a half, which I assure you will be thoroughly pleasant as you enjoy the beautiful views.


Once in Formentera, and after spending some time enjoying its waters, you can go down to eat at one of its restaurants, which offer top-quality Mediterranean food. Don’t be surprised if a movie, music or sports star is sitting at the next table.


Es Palmador

This small island between Ibiza and Formentera is undoubtedly the most spectacular spot for catamaran charter in Formentera. There is nothing but white sand, turquoise waters and some vegetation. A natural park that will leave you with your mouth open. We can take you with the dinghy to its shore so that you can take a walk and feel the white sand under your feet.


If the catamaran trip from Ibiza to Formentera is from September onwards, we can enjoy the sunset while we return to the starting point of the trip.


You can’t miss this wonderful itinerary. Our catamaran day charter Ibiza Formentera has become our most popular charter.


Geronimo anchored on the waters of Formentera

No, it’s not the Caribbean, it’s the waters of Formentera.


Catamaran rental in Ibiza – Itinerary à la carte


There are undoubtedly many more places in Ibiza and Formentera that we can show you and comment in this post, but we don’t want to go on any longer. If you’ve made it this far, it’s a miracle.


We would like to add that if you have an idea in mind, an itinerary that you are looking forward to, let us know, and we will do our best to please you, weather conditions permitting. You know…Eolo and Neptune are the ones who really rule our day charter in Ibiza and Formentera 😉


Catamaran rental in Ibiza, happy people on board

Thank you very much for reading this post. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our itineraries. We are here to help!


In case you feel like reading…


Tips to spend a day on our catamaran in Ibiza“.


If you have any doubts about our catamaran day trip ibiza


What’s included, what’s the plan, what to expect from our catamaran charter in Ibiza?



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Catamaran Rental in Ibiza & Formentera




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