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First of all, if you want to start your day charter in Ibiza and sail to Formentera and back to Ibiza please click HERE. If you are thinking about having a catamaran day charter Formentera starting in Formentera and sailing around Formentera itsef…please keep reading 🙂


Here I will try to answer the questions that often arise before hiring the charter around Formentera.


What’s included and what’s not included?


What’s the maximum capacity of the catamaran?


Where is the meeting point?


At what time shall we meet?


What about lunch? Which restaurant shall we book in Formentera?


What’s the plan for the day?


And…What’s the price?



day charter Formentera, girl having fun

Sailing Formentera is an amazing experience


Here you can find a quick answer to all of the above.


What is included and what is not included?






Final Cleaning

Final Cleaning





Bed Linen (Overnight charters)

Bed Linen (Overnight charters)

Paddle surf

Paddle surf

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment



Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Cool box for your drinks

Cool box for your drinks

So much fun!

So much fun!


Not Included…

  • Food and drinks




Catamaran day Charter Formentera – Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point for your catamaran day charter Formentera on board Geronimo will be depending on the weather conditions.


The closer we are to the date of your charter the more accurate the weather forecast will be.


In short, what we want are the perfect conditions for us to have an amazing day.


The meeting point, in case of an easterly wind (prevailing wind in summer) will be at the harbour of La Sabina. If the wind is from the east, you will be picked up at a small dock in front of the restaurant Chez Gerdi in Es Pujols.

Day charter Formentera, Girl on paddle surf

The crystal blue waters of Formentera.

Catamaran day charter Formentera – At what time do we meet?


For us, the sooner the better.


Most of the charter companies start the charter between 11 and 12 o’clock. We suggest you to start earlier, around 10 o’clock in order to arrive before the others to the highlights of our day charter.


Believe me when I tell you that some places, being beautiful, lose some of their beauty when there are many boats. On the other hand there are some places, hidden coves, that only fit a couple of boats…the sooner we leave the more chances we have of being the privileged ones.


However, this is a recommendation. We are open to your indication of when you would like to start your catamaran day charter Formentera.


catamaran day charter Formentera

Levante Beach, the best anchorage ever.


Catamaran day Charter Formentera – What about lunch?

Formentera offers a range of restaurants with a sea view that will blow your mind away.


Illetes Beach


Levante Beach


We propose you to  let us know if you wish to have lunch in any restaurant and we will be happy to book a table for you.


Catamaran day charter Formentera - People having lunch on board

Happy people having some snacks on board.

You can also bring ready-made food on board if you don’t wish to get to a restaurant.

It is also possible to order food and have it on board. It is also true that in high season many restaurants no longer carry food on board the ships.

Catamaran Day charter Formentera –  How it goes?


Once on board a  safety briefing is mandatory before sailing the beautifull Formentera. Safety first!!


The best thing about starting your charter in Formentera is that we save the journey between Ibiza and Formentera, which leaves us much more time to discover many more corners of this beautiful island.


Unlike other companies, we will make the necessary trips to show you the corners of Formentera under sail. We think this is a plus in your Formentera charter experience, as well as being environmentally friendly.


Besides,  if you have never sailed before, it is a wonderful opportunity to feel how it is to go with the flow 🙂 . No engine noise, just your music,  just the breeze.


Another advantage of starting your charter in Formentera is that you can discover many more amazing spots.


Catamaran Day charter Formentera

It is hard not to take a nice picture once you reach these crystal-clear waters.


Believe me when I tell you that Formentera, being known for its wide white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, offers much more than this. Cliffs, spectacular lighthouses, beautiful small coves…we won’t tell you more to surprise you when you come on board.


Catamaran Day charter Formenera - Gril at the beach

Formentera is this…



catamaran day charter Formentera - light house

but also this


Day Charter Formentera - es calo

… and this 🙂


Paddle surf and snorkel equipment are available for the ones who would like to try!!


The natural park of Illetas it’s the perfect place to practice Stand Up Paddle Surf.



We assure you that when you arrive at Es Palmador (a small and paradisiacal island to the north of Formentera) You won’t believe you’re in the Mediterranean. It looks like a Caribbean island.. No cars, no restaurants, no roads. Just crystal clear waters and white sand.


Catamaran Day charter Ibiza

The beautiful Es Palmador


We can guarantee you will enjoy every minute of your day charter Formentera  with ChartersEleven. 


catamaran day Charter Formentera – what to expect?


  • Discovering Formentera from the sea
  • Experience the sailing on a 40 feet Catamaran.
  • Discover two of the top 10 beaches in the Mediterranean. Illetes and Es Palmador.
  • Swimming in crystal turquoise waters.
  • Clifs
  • Light houses
  • Enjoy a Mediterranean meal in one of the renowned Formentera Restaurants.
  • Snorkel, Paddle surf.
  • fun, so much fun.
  • What else?


Just let us know!


Catamaran day charter formentera – What’s the price?


Please, Contact Us, and let us know…



  • When you are planning to come on board
  • For how many days
  • And how many you are


We will give you the best possible price taking into consideration the time of year you plan to come on board and the number of people you are.


Thank you for reading 🙂


Have a look at our Tips to have an amazing day on board.

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