What is Posidonia?

You probably don’t know what Posidonia Oceanica is.


Is it a new Disco in Ibiza?

The new Netflix TV show?

A Rock and Roll Band?


It´s not, but Posidonia Rocks!!!!



Poseidonia Oceanica is actually a plant, that lives in the Ocean.


It’s endemic to the Mediterranean.


Those dark green patches you see at the bottom of the crystal turquoise water …that’s  Posidonia Oceanica.




What if I tell you it’s one of the main reasons you come to Ibiza!


if you love swimming in Ibiza’s waters, if you are amazed by the cleanliness and transparency of this piece of Mediterranean coast…say thank you to Lady Posidonia!


Indeed, it filters the water and therefore it’s the main reason for the amazing Ibiza’s water quality.


What is Posidonia? Snorkeling in Ibiza

A customer snorkeling in crystal blue waters


What if I tell you that if there was more Posidonia, the Climate change wouldn’t be so critic!!


Yes, it is a huge carbon dioxide container!!! More than a forest, exactly, more than a forest!

The more Posidonia, the less CO2!!


As simple as that!


Besides it´s one of the major sources of oxygen providers to the ocean…it’s a green lung, it’s life, as simple as that!


So, so far it cleans the water, produces oxygen, slows climate change…but that’s it? not really.


Posidonia Oceanica is home and shelter for many species in the Mediterranean.

Posidonia Oceanica is working as coastal protection against erosion.


What is Posidonia? Dead leaves of Posidonia on the shore

Dead leaves of Posidonea on the shore. Natural protection against erosion.



It seems like something we really need to take care of, right? Unfortunately…


Posidonia Oceanica is in Danger


As most of the good things on Earth, every year the amount of this magic green decreases, due to:


  • Pollution
  • Boat anchoring
  • Some fishing techniques
  • Shoreline development
  • Global warming
  • Invasive seaweeds


What is Posidoina - Save Posidonia Project Logo


Luckily, there are many organizations trying to make it right. Here in The Balearic Islands, Save Posidonia Project focus on raising awareness of the importance of the Poseidonea.


Boat anchoring


As I said, boat anchoring is one of the many reasons why Posidonia Oceanica is in danger.


Yes, it’s painful to see boats dropping the anchor on the top of the Posidonia, sometimes because of the lack of information and others because they just don’t care.


What is Posidoena? an achor on Posidonea


It’s also true that awareness has slowly increased, thanks to Save Posidonia Project and their dinghy crew encouraging boats to do it right.


Thankfully, the Balearic Government is now also trying to protect it. In Cala Salada, a beautiful cove located north San Antonio, it´s not allowed anymore to anchor because the sea bed is literally covered by this magic plant.


Cala Salada

Calada Salada


In the following years, it is planned to set more anchor free coves by setting ECO mooring buoys for the boats to rent. No anchoring but renting a mooring buoy.

The Magic Plant and Charters Eleven Catamaran Hire Ibiza


From our side, I’m proud to say that we have always taken care of the Posidonia by avoiding anchoring on the top of it.


We sail using wind power as much as we can.


Besides, we use eco-friendly cleaning products in addition to the decrease of my daily single-use plastic, which is so harmful to our oceans.


What is Posidonia - Sailing Ibiza it's just a pleasure

Geronimo always on his sails!!


We are Posidonia Lovers and we try our best to protect this magic green that lives on the bottom of our beloved Mediterranean.


We really hope that reading this post has increased your awareness of the importance of this plant for all of us.


As ocean lovers, as nature lovers, we all need to take care and be grateful to the most ancient living being on Earth, the Posidonia Oceanic.


Thanks for reading! 🙂




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