My History With Ibiza


The first time I came to Ibiza I was 26. My best friend was working as a waiter in a Pizzeria, right in the center of Ibiza town.


“Come visit me. We gonna have fun!”  he said.

How could I possibly say no?! 

Let’s Dance!


I had no idea of how Ibiza was. To me, it was just a party island. I love music, almost every kind. My feet were looking forward to dancing the famous “Ibiza sound” 🙂


After a couple of nights surfing from one dance floor to another, I realized it was not for me.  I found Discos extremely expensive and crowded…way too much. 


Surprisingly I immediately fell in love with the bright side of the island; Crystal turquoise waters, coves, food, markets, good vibes… the feeling of freedom.



It's always a pleasure to sail into this beautiful cove

The bright Cala Salada!



Getting lost trying to find the best hidden spot was to me the best plan ever. I also did a day-long trekking… crazy 😀



Atlantis Ibiza

The rocky and beautiful Atlantis


The hidden Atlantis. It’s quite a long trekking to get there !!

summer after summer


Afterwards  I came back to the white island almost every summer. All winter long I was looking forward to my Ibiza week to happen. It was my very special week of the year as it is probably for you too.


No party but sun, sunsets, sand, water, snorkeling, and exploration. You can come a hundred times to Ibiza and you will still discover a new spot that will blow your mind away.



Sunset on a catamaran is an unforgettable experience

A gorgeous sunset is guarantee almost every summer day!

the dark side


After many years abroad I wanted to try a new adventure;  

  • live all year long on the island of my dreams.


Well, here started to me …the dark side of Ibiza. Soon I learned that coming as a tourist for a few days has nothing to do with trying to make a living on the island. 


The dark side of Ibiza

A cloudy day is also beautiful.


First of all…find a place to live…. OMG!!! I better sell my soul to the Devil!!


For an average Spaniard is just shocking to find out how difficult and expensive it is to rent a decent flat. 


Anyone who has tried to live in Ibiza with a “humble” budget knows what I’m talking about. I can tell you that doctors don’t want to come to the island and work at Ibiza’s main Hospital as their salary is not high enough to pay the rent.  I’m talking about doctors here!! 


the dark Es Vedra

The dark Es Vedra


Secondly, growing gold can be easier than finding a well-paid job to afford the rent and save enough to have a decent life.  


Winter was not as expected in Ibiza, not at all.


I can tell you that it was hard to live the dream … very hard. I have traveled the world and I have never found a place as hard to start as Ibiza.



Es Pardell

The lonely Ibiza Winter



Ibiza’s People say…

”When you first arrive, the island will either kick you in the ass or hug you for ever”.  


Let’s say … it punched me hard … but I’m a good sparring. 😀 

my office


Ibiza it’s no longer the place where I live. It’s not the place where I go on holidays either.


Surprisingly it became “the place where I work”, basically my office for four months in a row.


Nowadays with Charters Eleven and on board of my beautiful catamaran Geronimo.


Working as a Skipper is a beautiful way of life! Sun, ocean and always with a big smile. 🙂


Sincerely, twenty years ago,  when I first step on the island, looking for music and fun, I would have never imagined my self as captain of a catamaran and  Ibiza as my office  😀


Life, it’s full of surprises…just like Ibiza.


With its darks and brights, I´m still in love with the energy and the nature of this small and beautiful Mediterranean piece of paradise. 



What is your history with Ibiza? 


Thanks for reading 🙂

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