secret beaches of Ibiza

The Secret Beaches of Ibiza

Ibiza is full of magical places, coves, beaches and caves. We want to share with you the best secret beaches of Ibiza. Some with only have access from the sea and others that are not easily found from land.


If you are interested in visiting these beautiful beaches and want to do it with an expert in the islands, do not hesitate to contact our catamaran hire in Ibiza! We offer various itineraries to explore the most beautiful areas of Ibiza and Formentera.

Secret Beaches of Ibiza

For every nature lover, it will be worthwhile to go to these beaches and coves, with nothing but silence and nature. No restaurants, no supermarkets, no crowds, no roads. Beaches and coves that over time have only been affected by the erosion of wind and sea. Keep reading to know the best secret beaches of Ibiza!


The beautiful Atlantis – The best secret beach of Ibiza


Secret beaches of Ibiza - Atlantes


Be prepared for a two hour trekking if you want to reach this Martian landscape. Located on the west coast of Ibiza, this beautiful cove will surprise you with its rocky shapes and natural pools.


It is the only cove on this secret beaches of Ibiza list that has been altered by man. Man’s footprint is evident in this cove. Rocks and more rocks were extracted from this cove to build what nowadays is the wall that surrounds Dalt Vila (Ibiza’s old town).


The mark of man has transformed, for once, a very special natural landscape into an even more special one.


And is that the holes caused by the extraction of the rock, have increased the beauty of this spot, leaving smooth-walled holes that simply act as a real swimming pool.


This makes it undoubtedly the most special of all the secret beaches of Ibiza.


Esparta, one of the secret beaches of Ibiza

Secret beaches of Ibiza - a small boat on the way to Esparta

A small boat heading Esparta on a cloudy day.


From Cala Tarida and Cala Conta you get to sight an island that just a mile off the Ibiza’s coast holds a beautiful cove surrounded by pure nature. It is the island of Esparta.


There are two important pieces of information you have to know about this beach: You can only get to the island of Esparta by boat and also, being declared a National Park, access to the beach is prohibited.


You might think: Why do you recommend this beach if I can’t even sit and sunbathe? Well, although you can not step on the coast of the island of Esparta, the anchorage is simply beautiful, nature in its purest form. Hundreds of seagulls nest on this small island away from the hustle and bustle of the coast of Ibiza, you won’t hear anything but the seagulls’ squawking.


In addition, this small island offers some of the best snorkeling of Ibiza. Being far from the coast of Ibiza and protected as a Natural Park, many fish come to invade its rocky seabed feeling protected and secure. On days with current, I have even spotted barracudas. Simply amazing.


The No Name Beach


No name beach. At the feet of a spectacullar wall.

West Ibiza


Under an imposing wall there is a small oasis of sand and crystal clear waters. This beautiful beach, without even a name, will make you feel like a castaway.


It can only be accessed by boat. Charters Eleven likes to anchor in a sandy patch just in front of the beach and take our clients in the dinghy to discover this beach which is the wildest of all Ibiza’s secret beaches.


We reached both Atlantis cove and No Name beach on one of our Day Charter in Ibiza, “Es Vedra the magic Rock”. Undoubtedly the best and most enchanting of our itineraries. Contact us to visit the best areas of Ibiza and Formentera!

Cap Des Falco


Cap Des Falco. The beach under the wall.

Cap Des Falco

Anyone who comes sailing to this beach is left speechless at the sight of the natural environment that is approaching.


Under a majestic wall and only accessible by boat, This beautiful beach, located south of Ibiza, offers the visitor one of the most imposing natural environments that the island offers.


Unlike Espartá, here if it is possible to swim from your boat to the beach to enjoy the show.


There is a beautiful snorkeling in crystal clear waters where you can swim watching the hundreds of Oblada fish. The most abundant fish in Ibiza and also, the least shy. You will almost be able to touch them.

Punta Galera

The least secret of all the secret beaches of Ibiza that are on this list.


I wanted to include it because it has easy access (that’s why it is the least secret) and it is totally surrounded by nature. It is a cove that has no sand, but has flat rocks each at a different height. We recommend you to get Punta Galera as early as possible to place your sarong on the rock you like the most and enjoy the day in a very special environment, in fact there is no other cove like it in the whole island.


It is located very close to bustling San Antonio. I hardly recommend to watch the sunset from this beautiful and not so secret beach. There is a totally different atmosphere from the famous places located in San Antonio such as Café del Mar, where hundreds of people gather to watch the sunset listening to chill out music. Here the only sound you will hear is the breeze, the sea and maybe the sound of an occasional djembe.


It is funny how being so close to San Antonio, you can feel the hippie vibe of the place. To me, only the famous beach of Benirras offers such a feeling at sunset time.



In Ibicenco Portixol means “little port”. This Ibiza’s secret cove, with its closed horseshoe shape and being surrounded by mountains, is a perfect shelter for small local boats. In fact, the beach is very small. There are many small jetties and huts where the locals keep their boats protected from the wind and waves.


It is for me, along with Atlantis, my favorite Ibiza’s secret beach.


It is located in the northwest of the island. That makes it little known and therefore very little visited. And, if you are staying near Ibiza town or near San Antonio, you will have a long drive to reach this jewel of Ibiza. But do not hesitate, it is well worth it.


You can get there by sea and by land. The arrival by sea is spectacular. You need to sail between two cliffs to get to this paradise. I was speechless the first time I discovered this cove by sea.


I have rarely been able to anchor in Portixol, it is very narrow and very shallow. Only on days of extreme calm I have dared to drop anchor. Anyway,  whenever I pass through the north of the island, I show my clients this beautiful cove that leaves no one indifferent.


Es Canaret


German's cove as seen from the catamaran hatch.

The cove of Es Canar seen from the hatch of the catamaran. As you can appreciate, arriving early and being the first to anchor in the middle of the “pool” is a real marvel.

this Ibiza’s secret cove is also know as La Cala del Alemán (the german’s cove).


You won’t have to walk far to get to this postcard cove, but you will surely have a hard time finding it as it is not very well signposted.


Undoubtedly the word “secret” fits this beach like a glove.

You will have to go towards Cala Xarraca and turn towards Es Calo de Silla. There a sign that says “Public pedestrian path” that you must follow until you reach this beach. Walk through the land that belongs to the german’s house. Don’t worry, Spanish law does not allow private beaches. The owners of the house have had no choice but to leave a path so that we can all have access to this top secret cove of Ibiza.

The cove is colonized by a beautiful house, in fact if I were given a choice between all the houses in Ibiza, I would definitely choose this one.

Do not expect a white sandy beach. You will have to find a spot on the jetty of the house. I assure you that you will not regret it. The beauty of this cove and its crystal clear waters will make you forget that you have had to go round and round to find it.

I recommend that you go with your snorkel goggles as you will have a great time discovering what lies beneath the clear waters of this cove.

By sea

Accessing this cove by sea is much easier than arriving by land.
Personally, I like to sleep in Cala Xarraca, where there is space and sand to drop meters of chain, and get up early to be the first to reach this dream cove where we will anchor in two meters of depth. It is like placing the catamaran in the middle of a children’s pool.
Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular anchorages that the island offers.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing about the secret beaches of Ibiza. If you want to read more about Ibiza and Formentera, keep reading our blog!


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