Catamaran Ibiza Formentera

Things To Do In Formentera

  Formentera is not just another Mediterranean island. Formentera is The Island.   With the whitest sandy beaches and most crystalline waters, Formentera is known as the Caribbean island in the Mediterranean Sea.   Only twelve miles south of Ibiza, the small Formentera island is, without any doubt, the pearl of the Balearic Islands.   As […]

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What is Poseidonea?

You probably don’t know what Poseidonea is.   Is it a new Disco in Ibiza? The new Netflix TV show? A Rock and Roll Band? It´s not, but Poseidonea Rocks!!!!     Poseidonea Oceanica is actually a plant, that lives in the Ocean.   It’s endemic to the Mediterranean.   Those dark green patches you […]

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