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There are many ways to organize a marriage proposal but we assure you that there is no way to beat the one we propose: A proposal in Ibiza on a catamaran with es Vedra and a postcard sunset as witnesses.


Marriage proposal in Ibiza aboard a catamaran


Every year, at Charters Eleven Catamaran Charter Ibiza and Formentera, we have more than one marriage proposal on board of our catamaran. Many couples have chosen us to be the organizers and companions of this very special moment.


We know what it takes to organize such an important event and we have the tools to offer you a perfect marriage proposal in Ibiza and Formentera.


Marriage proposal Ibiza. Four girls toasting in the outside lounge of our catamaran.

The bride-to-be’s friends having a great time just before the proposal.



Marriage proposal in Ibiza. All we need is love and a …Yes I do!


The excitement with which the group comes on board, all of them working together so that she suspects nothing, the energy put into making sure everything goes well, the moment of the proposal, knee to the deck, her big surprise, his nerves, the million dollar question, the expected “Yes I do!”. It’s all a movie script for the expected outcome.


Don’t worry about anything!


We know how difficult it is to organize a perfect proposal without arousing suspicions. There are many things to take into account so that everything goes well: where to do it? what is the perfect moment? how not to raise suspicions?


We will be your allies in this important moment of your life. We will do our best to make it a moment that will remain in your memories as one of the happiest moments of your life.


Boy kneeling at the bow of the catamaran when asking for his partner's hand with the sunset and Es Vedra.

The right time!


Options for a marriage proposal in Ibiza aboard a catamaran

Whether you come alone with your future wife or accompanied by friends or family, we propose three options for your proposal on a catamaran in Ibiza.


Couple lying on the net of the catamaran

The couple enjoying the afternoon relaxing on the net of our catamaran. She didn’t suspect anything of what was going to happen 🙂

Full catamaran day

Eight hours of catamaran charter discovering the coves of Ibiza or even sailing to the beautiful island of Formentera to enjoy its white sandy beaches and clear waters. At the end of a dream day, when she least expect it, you will surprise your partner with the million dollar question.

Half day catamaran charter

Four hours on our 40 feet catamaran to discover the coves of Ibiza. We like to start the excursion four hours before sunset. It will be the perfect timing to surprise the bride-to-be.


Sunset catamaran charter Ibiza

Two hours to sail, swim and enjoy the beautiful scenery the island has to offer. We will wait for the sun to be in the perfect setting to tell you it’s time to get close, plant your knee on the deck and leave your partner speechless. She will only be able to say “Yes I do!!!”.


Proposal in Ibiza – A photo that you will keep for the rest of your life


If you wish, we take care of hiring a photography and drone agency. A professional photographer to shoot a reportage like the one you see in this post. Simply unbeatable!


Because images like this are to frame them and proudly show them to your friends and family.


The couple at the bow of the catamaran while the sun sets in Es Vedra

A spectacular photo with the sunset in es Vedra and the couple embracing at the bow.


Contact us for more information. We will be happy to make your wish come true and make this moment remain forever as one of the best moments of your life.



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