Chartering catamarans have recently become popular among holidaymakers. They are a perfect choice for an easy-going and comfortable cruise for groups of friends, families, and couples. Here are three main advantages of chartering a catamaran this summer.


1. Advantages of chartering a catamaran – Comfort



The most important advantage to hiring a catamaran over a sailing yacht is the comfort and privacy you gain thanks to its spaciousness.


All the space you have in between the 2 hulls provides larger and more comfortable communal areas. Having the galley and the saloon at the same level as the aft deck gives a more majestic feeling and easy access to the exterior.



Catamaran rear cockpit´s design with the steering wheel on top of the galley gives guests more privacy than a sailing boat. The alfresco dining area protected by a shade bimini is just perfect for those looking to enjoy the ride away from the sun without missing the scenery.



Get in and out the water and to the dinghy with ease thanks to the wide build-in ladders on each pontoon or just sit there to feel the water into your feet.



There is no catamaran without a trampoline. The ample foredeck net is an everyone´s favourite area for sunbathing, chatting with your friends or enjoying the sunset. The feeling to be flying over the ocean is just sensational while hearing nothing but the breeze and the water flow just one meter below.


Just Relax and kick back on your charter while enjoying the 360º majestic panoramic views


2. Advantages of chartering a catamaran – Sail with ease



Catamarans are the best choice for those who get seasick and travel with kids.

The 2 hulls give more stability on the water to catamarans in most weather conditions. They bounce less and rarely heel more than 5 degrees. So, don´t worry! Your drinks and food won´t spil.


3. Advantages of chartering a catamaran – Explore more


View from our catamaran Geronimo


Catamarans have a shallow draft which gives the greatest access to shallower waters, small coves, and hidden places. All this will be much more difficult from sailing boats with a keel. Geronimo´s draft is only 1m18.



Make the most of your charter as well thanks to the speed of catamarans. Catamarans are usually faster than sailing boats so you will explore more beaches in a day.


Experience a luxury ambience this summer in Ibiza for a reasonable budget.

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