Catamaran Day Trip Ibiza and Formentera

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If you are thinking about hiring a private catamaran charter with us,  you probably have plenty of questions about your Catamaran day trip in Ibiza and Formentera.


Is it a private catamaran ?

Which Catamaran is it?

What is the maximum capacity?

What are the Itineraries?

What’s included and what’s not included?

What to expect?

When to meet?

Where is the meeting point?

What about lunch?


Here you can find a quick answer to all of the above.


Catamaran day trip Ibiza, geronimo anchored in Ibiza



Private Catamaran Day Trip Ibiza & Formentera

We are very proud of our five star reviews on  TripAdvisor




Priceless!!Was not my first time in ibiza/formentera on a boat but this was definitely the best one!! After 5x on the island, we were able to see and experience stuff we never did.If you’re looking for an experience for life, please go to him! Every cent you will spend worth due to what you’re gonna experience!!Simplemente fantástico! Gracias Fede!!



Fantastic day sailingThe whole experience was smooth and professional, from the first contact with Fede who answered all my questions quickly and clearly, to contact the day before to arrange the meeting place etc, to the amazing day itself. The yacht is beautiful and very comfortable. We swam in the sea, using masks, snorkels and fins available on the boat, used the stand up paddleboard, and relaxed on the bow as we sailed.



Amazing day out on a beautiful catamaran Thank you so much Fede for a fantastic day on your beautiful Catamaran! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and found it such a relaxing and amazing way to explore the beautiful island.So easy to get in touch with via watsapp. We felt very lucky you were able to accommodate us at short notice! Highly recommend. 🙂



Best experience in IbizaFederico and Bellen made sure we had the best time enjoying clear waters, seeing beautiful Calas and smaller islands and ultimately enjoying the famous sunset in Ibiza . For sure highlight of our trip!



Catamaran day trip IBiza – Is it a Private Catamaran charter?

Yes, it is a private experience, just for you and your group.



Catamaran day trip IBiza – What is the maximum capacity of the catamaran?

The maximum capacity for a catamaran day trip on our Leopard 40 catamaran is 8 pax + Skipper and hostess


I have worked on smaller boats, such as the Lagoon 380, where we could take up to twelve people. My experience tells me that it is way  too many people for a 38-foot catamaran.


We want our clients, on our 40-foot catamaran, to have a five star experience and feel that they have all the space and comfort they need.


Catamaran day Trip Ibiza, girls on paddle

I doubt that 8 people can fit on the paddle surf…but it’s all a matter of trying 🙂


Catamaran day trip IBiza – Which Catamaran is it?

We offer you a Leopard 40 catamaran. Our beautiful Geronimo.


A catamaran with the perfect qualities for day charters in Ibiza.


  • A very spacious and comfortable trampoline. You will love it!
  • A cockpit design that makes it roomy and open.
  • Shade awnings at the cockpit for those who want to protect themselves from the sun.



Catamaran day Trip Ibiza, people at the bow

You can appreciate in this picture all the space that this Leopard 40 catamaran offers at the bow…and how big are the smiles on board 🙂


Would you like to know more about our catamaran Geronimo? Please click Here!


Courious about why we chose a Leopard 40 catamaran and not a Lagoon 380 which is the most offered catamaran in Ibiza for day charters? Please Click on Geronimo!


Catamaran day Trip Ibiza, Group of friends at the bow


At what time shall we meet?

The private catamaran day trip in Ibiza is an eight hours charter.


Unless you are interested on going to Formentera, we invite you to meet us eight hours before sunset so that you can enjoy the show on board our catamaran hire in Ibiza.


However, if you would like to meet earlier, just let us know.


Catamaran day trip Ibiza

Thank you Sun for an amazing day!!

If your plan is to enjoy the catamaran day trip Ibiza to Formentera, we recommend you to meet us early in the morning.


Most Ibiza catamaran charter companies start their excursion between eleven and twelve o’clock in the morning to sail to Formentera.


Therefore, if we meet earlier, around ten o’clock, we can get ahead of all the charter boats. This will allow us to show you a spectacular cove in the south of Ibiza where very few boats can anchor. A wonderful stop on the way to Formentera. On the other hand, we will be able to find a good anchorage on the island of Es Palmador, one of the hot spots of this excursion, which is already full of boat charters from 1 p.m. onwards.



Catamaran day trip IBiza – What are the itineraries?

We have many itineraries for a catamaran day charter Ibiza.


Once you contact us and let us know what kind of group you are (family, couples, friends, hen parties) and what you would like to do. We can recommend the itinerary that we think fits your group best.


We will also take into account the weather conditions on your day. In short, the idea is to spend a spectacular catamaran day trip with the calmest sea possible, so that you can enjoy the sailing and the coves of Ibiza.



Catamaran day Trip Ibiza, girls with a big smile

Catamaran day trip Ibiza – our most demanded Itineraries


Catamaran day trip North West Ibiza – From Port Destorrent to Tarida


This is a very popular itinerary. It is perfect for those who want short sailings from cove to cove and beautiful scenaries.


Landscapes, beaches, coves, crystal clear waters, the natural park of La Conejera and the most famous sunset in Ibiza, the on that brings together thousands of people in front of the Café del Mar and the Mambo café.


You will enjoy it with your loved ones in the front row. 🙂


Catamaran Day Hire IBiza, couple enjoying the sunset


Catamaran day trip West Ibiza – From cala Tarida to Cala Dhort


We never get tired of repeating that this is our favourite itinerary. We think it is perfect for all kinds of groups. From business meetings to hen parties. Everyone enjoys this itinerary to the fullest.



Catamaran day trip Ibiza, geronimo anchored in Cala dhort

Geronimo anchored in Cala Dhort


There are spectacular landscapes, cliffs, coves with crystal clear water, secluded places that can only be reached by boat, and a navigation that will leave you open-mouthed, the one that will take you to the mythical rock of Es Vedra.


And once again… a picture postcard sunset!


Catamaran day trip Ibiza, sailing Es Vedra

Sailing Es Vedra is an experience that can be missed.


Catamaran day trip South West Ibiza – From Cala Dhort to Es Torrent


This itinerary is  simply perfect.


Catamaran day trip Ibiza, the West coast

Yes, this is on our itinerary. Not bad 😉


Not only will you start at the spectacular Cala Dhort and sail around Es Vedra, but you will also get to know the mysterious cove of Atlantis and the fortified cove of Es Torrent. Diversity of landscapes and a pleasure from start to finish.


And of course an amazing sunset to end an amazing day.


Catamaran day Trip Ibiza, Atlantis Cove

The beautiful and very spectacular Atlantis cove


Catamaran day trip South Ibiza – From Cala Jondal  to Salinas


We always enjoy this catamaran day charter Ibiza sailing along the south of the island. It has corners and landscapes that are only found in this area of Ibiza.



Catamaran Day Trip Ibiza, red clifs of Es torrent

The red Clifs of Es Torrent


Not only coves inaccessible by land but also the national park of Salinas. A beautiful natural spot with plenty small coves.


Catamaran day trip Ibiza, a customer having a nap in salinas

Our customer decided to have the perfect nap in Salinas

Catamaran day trip Ibiza Formentera – From Cala Jondal Ibiza to the Caribbean


This is the most demanded catamaran day trip in Ibiza.


There is no one who doesn’t want to see and explore the beautiful little island of Formentera.


We will meet in Cala Jondal or Talamanca and sail towards the Caribbean. If we meet early we can also show you a cove in the south of Ibiza that we are sure you will love.


Not only some coves in the south of Ibiza, but we can also take you to the small island of Es Palmador which is located to the north of Formentera. A natural park, with nothing more than a virgin beach and crystal clear waters. Without a doubt a place that will make your camera keep taking picture after picture.


Catamaran day trip Ibiza to Formentera, girl in formentera



Formentera, known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean.


 Es Palmador

The crystal clear waters of Es Palmador island



Catamaran day trip IBiza – What is included and what is not included?






Final Cleaning

Final Cleaning





Bed Linen (Overnight charters)

Bed Linen (Overnight charters)

Paddle surf

Paddle surf

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment



Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Cool box for your drinks

Cool box for your drinks

So much fun!

So much fun!


Not Included…

  • Food and drinks



Catamaran Day Trip Ibiza – Where is the meeting point?


The meeting point for your Catamaran day trip in Ibiza on board our catamaran will be depending on the itinerary you have chosen.


There is always a dock in every meeting point that will ease the check-in.


I will send to you, via WhatsApp, the exact location. Google maps is never wrong 🙂


Once you get the meeting point, please contact Captain Fede via WhatsApp. He will pick you up right away with the dinghy.


In a couple of minutes, everybody will be ready to enjoy the best Ibiza catamaran charter ever!



Catamaran Day Trip Ibiza – What about lunch?


Before coming onboard let us know if you wish to have lunch on board or your desire is to enjoy a Mediterranean meal at one of the amazing restaurants / beach club. We will be happy to book a table for you.

In Ibiza

  • Cala Bassa Beach Club
  • Ses Eufabies (Cala Tarida)
  • Cas Mila (Cala Tarida)
  • Ses Roques (Cala Conta)
  • Es Boldado (Cala Dhort)




Catamaran Day Trip Ibiza, restaurant cala Dhort

The amazing views and food of Es Boldado in Cala Dhort

In Formentera

Illetes Beach

  • El Moli de Sal
  • Juan y Andrea
  • Es Ministre
  • Can Carlitos


Levante Beach


  • Chez Gerdi
  • Tanga
Catamaran Hire Ibiza. Our cups

Quality is in the details.



Of course you can also have your meals on board if you wish.
We advise you to bring a ready-made meal so that you don’t waste time in the kitchen.
Please do not bring plastic plates or cutlery. We have everything on board and we will wash the dishes for you so that all you have to worry about is having a good time.


Catamaran day Charter Ibiza – How it goes?

Once onboard first thing to do is getting your drinks into a full of ice cool box. 🙂


A safety briefing and some paperwork have to be done before weigh anchor and set sails!


It will only take a few minutes to make sure that everyone knows what to do on board, and especially what not to do, so that everything will be laughter and joy.


Girls jumping

Time to have fun!


Hey oh let’s go!!!


We are a very flexible company, we love The Ramones, and we do not have strict timetables.


The boat and the day is all about you. So we will suggest you what to do and you tell us what you want to do. If you want to enjoy more of a beautiful cove. We’ll stay. If you want to go sailing and see other landscapes. We go.


We adapt to what makes you happy. Perhaps this is the secret of our success in catamaran excursions.


What makes you happy makes us happy. 🙂

Catamaran Day Trip, girls having fun

Fun, fun and more fun.


What else?


SUP Stand Up Paddle Surf

SUP Stand Up Paddle Surf

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling Equipment



Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker


Swimming, sailing, laughter, music, drinks, turquoise water coves, friends, lunch, and a postcard sunset… the day will fly by in no time.


Catamaran day Trip Ibiza, people relaxing on the net

There is also time to Relax 🙂


And of course, you can be completely sure that Skipper Fede Sanchis will do its very utmost to make your catamaran day trip on board Geronimo, the best day of your holiday.



Have a look at our Tips to have an amazing day on board.


All photographs are by Charters Eleven, taken during our catamaran day trips in Ibiza and Formentera. Would you like to check out more pictures? Please click HERE!


Thanks for reading 🙂


Any other questions?

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Private Catamaran Day Trip Ibiza & Formentera

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