Ibiza, The Perfect Place To Charter A Catamaran


There are many places around the world to Charter a Catamaran but for us, Ibiza meets the conditions to be one of the best places to do it!!

Crystal blue waters


Ibiza and her little sister Formentera (the White Islands) are known for their high-quality waters (thanks to Lady Poseidonea).


The water transparency and cleanliness never fail to impress travelers. Indeed, no need to go to the Caribbean to swim in turquoise crystal waters.  It’s just here, in the Mediterranean!


Ibiza catamaran charter, Formentera

Who wouldn’t love to swim in turquoise clean waters?

Good weather conditions


It’s not a secret!!! The Mediterranean weather is amazing!!!!

Long sunny summers, warm waters, only a few rainy days….refreshing Sangrias 😀 !


But what makes Ibiza and Formentera so special to charter a Catamaran?


The Mediterranean can be very windy and tricky to sail. But the Islands are in a perfect geographic location. Winds mostly slow down before reaching Ibiza thanks to two natural barriers; Some mainland mountains in the North West, and the islands of Mallorca and Menorca located North East.


That doesn’t mean we won’t find windy summer days in Ibiza. Occasionally storms and strong winds are out there, happy to surprise Ibiza visitors.


The truth is….weather conditions are much milder than in other Mediterranean areas. Let’s say, we have much more days with easy sailing conditions than in other Mediterranean islands.

Ibiza catamaran charter, cloud with Rain

A beautiful summer cloud carrying some rain


Sailing Ibiza and Formentera


What we want on a Catamaran is wind to move but no waves to face. The flatter the sea, the better.


The white islands are just perfect for sailing a catamaran. There is  always a side of the island protected from waves but windy enough to fully enjoy the day charter on board a catamaran.


If it’s choppy on the west side, no worries, let’s go to the east side!!! It’s gonna be beautiful anyway 🙂


And thanks to the size of the islands there is no need to sail for hours to get to a sheltered area. That’s  something really appreciated when sailing.


Sailing Ibiza and Formentera it’s just a pleasure!




Ibiza catamaran Charter, sailing on the catamaran

Geronimo Sailing



In Charters Eleven we offer many Itineraries. Our experience allows us to propose to our customers the one in accordance with both, customers expectations and the weather forecast.



Ibiza catamaran charter – Not only sailing but shelter


I have been in places where it’s amazing to sail but a nightmare to find a good, safe and reliable anchoring spot to spend the night or just a few hours.


What we want, it´s a cove that gives us shelter from wind and waves….and a big patch of sand to drop the anchor in.


catamaran charter Ibiza

Boats anchoring in Cala Tarida.


With a lot of beautiful coves where to find both, a good anchoring and wind shelter, Ibiza and Formentera are just the perfect islands to spend some days on a catamaran or just a day charter sailing from one cove to another.


Not to mention the sand quality. The anchor gets stuck in it to hold the boat with 100% reliability.



Ibiza catamaran charter – Amazing landscapes


From impressive cliffs to small coves, the white islands have a rich variety of landscapes to stare at.

I can guarantee sailors will never get bored.



cliff of Formentera

Big Cliffs


Rocky Atlantis

Rocky hidden coves


Cala Salada

Small coves

Ibiza catamaran charter, Es Vedra




I could upload a thousand different landscape pictures here 🙂


Ibiza catamaran charter – Pure Nature


If you are a nature lover, you will be delighted to know that Ibiza and Formentera are surrounded by several Natural park Islands.


No houses, no people, no cars, nothing but nature and wildlife.


Our favorite is the amazing Es Vedra. Symbol of Ibiza and known as one of the most energetic places on Earth.


Sailing around this magic rock will take your breath away. I can guarantee it!!!


The itinerary Cala Tarida – Cala dhort – Es Vedra is my favorite one for a Day Charter.


catamaran charter Ibiza, Es Vedra

You won’t be able to stop starring at it!



Located South Formentera, Es Palmador island has probably the best beach in Europe.


If you choose the Itinerary Ibiza to Formentera on board our Catamaran Geronimo, you will enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters of Es Palmador.


catamaran charter Ibiza

It’s not the Caribbean but Es Palmador.


In the West coast of Ibiza, there is a very beautiful and unknown archipelago where sailing becomes a matter of finding peace and quietness.  The Bledas Islands.



catamaran charter ibiza

The perfect place to feel like sailing the moon. It’s just a few miles away from San Antonio!


The Natural Park of La Conejera. It’s not even allowed to step on it in order to preserve its wildness. This small bird paradise is just few miles West San Antonio Bay.


It is possible to sail around both, La Conejera and the Bledas Island, on a Day Charter.  Starting from San Antonio or Cala Tarida would be perfect to sight these two wild Natural Parks.



Ibiza catamaran charter – Who doesn’t love Sunsets?


Well, what to say about Ibiza’s sunsets?!


Ibiza catamaran charter, sunset from the catamamaran

Watching the sun going down in Ibiza on board a catamaran is a once in a life time experience!


In Charters Eleven we like to start our Ibiza Day Charter eight hours before the sunset for you to enjoy this magic moment on board.



Ibiza catamaran charter, couple on the net enjoying the sunset

Geronimo’s trampoline is the perfect spot to fully enjoy the sunset!



After an amazing day on board our catamaran it will be time to choose the music (or the silence) to enjoy the sunset as you never did before.



Sunset in Formentera

The perfect ending to a perfect day.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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