Malaga by catamaran

Málaga Catamarán Sea is located in El Candado Marina, very close to the centre of Malaga itself, offering catamaran rental services for individuals, stag and hen parties or events. In addition, it also specialises in nautical training, offering different courses ranging from basic to more specialised ones.


Among the courses offered are the Navigation Licence, the practices to obtain the PER ( spanish skipper license), the PER extension and the Sailing qualification. Each of these courses are led by experienced and highly qualified instructors, guaranteeing quality training for all levels.


In addition, it has one of the most modern catamarans equipped to provide a safe and comfortable sailing experience.


What does Malaga Catamaran Sea offer?


Malaga Catamarán


Rent a catamaran and discover the beauty of the coast in a unique way.


Malaga Catamaran Sea is a leading company in catamaran rental and nautical training and practice on the coast of Malaga. With its high quality catamaran for rent, Malaga Catamaran Sea offers the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience on the sea alone or accompanied with a skipper. Whether you are looking for a catamaran trip in Malaga for a family adventure day out or chartering for a special event, Malaga Catamaran Sea will help you achieve your special day.



Improve your nautical skills on a catamaran


In addition to renting catamarans, Malaga Catamaran Sea also offers a wide variety of courses and nautical training programmes for those interested in learning the necessary skills to sail on the sea. Courses range from basic lessons for beginners such as the boat sailing licence to advanced programmes for those with previous sailing experience such as the PER.

Sailing licence or Titulin


The sailing licence is a valuable qualification for those interested in enjoying the sea and sailing. With the complete course, you will have the opportunity to learn how to steer a spacious catamaran on your own. The stability of the catamaran is much greater than on any other boat, which minimises the possibility of seasickness.


Once you have completed the course, you will be able to steer sailing or motor boats up to 6 metres in length and up to 2 miles from a port or harbour, including jet skis.


The course lasts 6 hours, with 2 hours of theory and 4 hours of practice. With the Málaga Catamaran Sea sailing licence, you can enjoy a unique experience at sea and have the freedom to sail on your own.


PER or Patrón de embarcaciones de recreo (pleasure boat skipper) practices


The PER (spanish skipper license), is a title that allows you to govern recreational boats of up to 15 metres in length, both motor and sailing. You can do your PER training in Malaga on board a comfortable catamaran, where you will be able to practice safety and navigation. With this licence, you can sail up to 12 miles off the coast, allowing you to explore the islands of the Canary and Balearic archipelago. In addition, you will also be able to drive jet skis with no power limit. If you form your own practice group, you can get better prices.


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