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Our Favourite Itinerary With Es Vedra



We have many itineraries at Charters Eleven, all of them are just stunning. Because Ibiza and Formentera are incredible islands and perfect for catamaran rentals . But there is one particular itinerary, that no matter how many times we enjoy it, we never have enough of the beauty of its landscapes, Es Vedra, its coves and of course its sunset.


Without a doubt our favourite route.


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Catamaran charter in Ibiza and Formentera
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The itinerary we have christened “Es Vedra, the Magnetic Rock” is an itinerary that is very well liked by each and every one of the groups, of which there are many, that we have taken to discover this part of Ibiza.


  • The most spectacular landscapes of Ibiza.
  • Dreamlike coves.
  • Crystalline waters.
  • The magical and mythical rock of Es Vedra, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it!
  • Es Vedranel, the beautiful little island next to Es Vedra.
  • The spectacular and natural hidden cove of Atlantis.
  • For those who want to enjoy the best fish paella in Ibiza, we know which restaurant to take you to.
  • It is also a luxury itinerary for those who like to see…! Dream houses !
  • And to end a wonderful day…we can promise you a picture postcard sunset.


There is no group that hasn’t spent a spectacular day enjoying our Es Vedra catamaran itinerary. In fact, we propose it to all kinds of groups. From bachelorette parties on a catamaran in Ibiza to company meetings or groups of friends.


Es Vedra Itinerary. Geronimo anchored on the waters of cala Dhort

Geronimo. The catamaran we offer for private excursions in Ibiza, anchored in the crystal clear waters of Cala Dhort.

The best Itinerary of Ibiza – from Cala Tarida to Atlantis passing by Cala Dhort, es Vedra, Es Vedranel and much more.


Cala Tarida


We assure you that few are those who resist the first swim of the day when they arrive on our catamaran and see the crystal clear waters where we are anchored.


There are days when the grains of sand can be seen at a depth of more than ten metres.


Es Vedra Itinerary - Cala Tarida from the shore

Cala Tarida and its transparent waters. Meeting point for our catamaran trip “Es Vedra”.


after placing ice and drinks in the cool box and a short safety briefing, don’t worry it only takes a few minutes to know what to do and of course what not to do on board in order to enjoy a wonderful day, it’s time to weigh anchor, hoist the sails and head off to our next destination.


Cala D’hort


We will look for an anchorage for you to enjoy its crystal-clear waters.


In the following video you can appreciate the beauty of this anchorage on the south side of Cala Dhort.





For those who want to enjoy a delicious paella, we recommend the restaurant Es Boldado. It offers top quality Mediterranean food at an average price (considering Ibiza’s prices). The customers always come back with the look on their faces that comes from having enjoyed their meal. After the paella my mother makes at home on Sundays, this is my favourite place and my favourite paella.


Es Vedra itinerary - Es Bodado restaurant

One of the tables at Es Boldado restaurant where we like to take our customers to enjoy the best paella in Ibiza.


After lunch we will set sails to ….

Es Vedra.

This rock, just a short distance from our last anchorage, is undoubtedly the pearl of this catamaran day charter in Ibiza.


A symbol of Ibiza and of course, the source of countless beliefs and fables. I have to tell you… even if you don’t feel close to those who speak of energy as the source of everything, you won’t deny that as we sail closer to this imposing rock, you will feel its strength and powerful. Those who do believe,  blessed are they! :), claim that the earth is all covered by an energetic network and Es Vedra is one of its most ene powerful points points.



If there is a hidden and mythical place in Ibiza, that is Atlantis cove. There is no doubt that visiting this cove is one of the 10 best things to do in Ibiza.


At the foot of a spectacular cliff, we will discover this cove of strangely shaped rocks, natural pools and crystal-clear waters. You’ll feel like you’re on the planet Mars.



Es Vedra itinerary - the Atlantis Cove

This photo does not do credit to this small cove surrounded by rock massifs.


These natural pools we are talking about, are actually carved by man. Atlantis was the quarry of Ibiza. From this inaccessible cove were extracted the large rocks that are now the big and strong wall that surrounds Dalt Vila, Ibiza old town. How I would have loved to see how such blocks of rock were transported by ships all the way to Ibiza town.


If you come by land and find your way, it is a walk of no less than two hours. I have to admit that after getting lost in the pine trees for a long time, I decided to give up the search for the holy grail.


Our catamaran will anchor very nearby, at the foot of a beautiful cliff. We can take you by dinghy to the crystal clear waters of Atlantis, so that you can take a stroll and discover it like a King.


Es Vedra Itinerary - catamaran at anchored nearby Atlantis

You can admire the spectacular cliff where the beautiful Atlantis cove is hidden.


Sunset time


This itinerary that sails along part of the west coast of Ibiza, is perfect to enjoy the great spectacle that nature offers us.


Your friends, your family, your partner, whoever you want, your music, your beer, lying on the net of our catamaran and …..


Such a beautiful sunset with the magnetic Rock

What else? 🙂



I honestly don’t think there is a better way to end a great day.




Would you like to enjoy this itinerary with us?




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