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From Charters Eleven we would like to share with you the best restaurants in Ibiza located along the coast, the ones we can take you if you come with us to spend a day charter Ibiza or week charter ibiza on board catamaran.



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All the restaurants that we will show you in this post are located on the coast of Ibiza. They offer typical Mediterranean food at a European price. In recent years Ibiza has become a destination not suitable for all budgets. This includes the price that is paid per person in restaurants. On the other hand, these are restaurants that we consider to be of excellent quality and service.


Restaraurants in Ibiza – Es Xarcu – Cala of Es Xarcu

One of the most exclusive restaurants in Ibiza, not only for the price, but also for its location. Es Xarcu cove, located in the south of Ibiza. A beautiful little cove surrounded by pine trees. The only building, and very discreet I must say, is this small and beautiful restaurant.


Nearby, just on the other side of a natural wall, is the bustling Cala Jondal where the famous Blue Marlin Beach Club is located. But don’t worry, if you are looking for an atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle, you will find it here, in Es Xarcu.


It has the atmosphere of a place with a touch of exclusivity… something like recognising an expensive perfume.


Outside tables at the edge of the coast, under pine trees and umbrellas.


Parking is available although getting there by car is not easy given the steep and winding road that will take you to Es Xarcu cove.


We recommend: Paellas and fresh fish served with attention and professionalism.


There is a boatman available to come and pick you up if you choose this beautiful restaurant while you spend the day on board.


High price.


Retaurants in Ibiza – Es Boldado –  Cala d’Hort

Situated high up and with spectacular views of the rock of Es Vedra, this restaurant is renowned for its paellas and views over Es Vedra.


Although it is located in Cala Dhort, you will find it difficult to walk from the beach. So we recommend you drive to the restaurant’s car park.


Tables both indoors and outdoors.


Very professional and friendly waiters.


Our favourite restaurant to try a delicious fish paella and the typical Ibicencan dessert, the Llao. Sweet with good herb. It is one of those places where local people come to eat paella.


You can enjoy an after-dinner drink at one of their outdoor tables overlooking Es Vedrá while you sip your Ibizan herb liqueur.


Medium / high price



Restaurants in Ibiza – Cala Bassa Beach Club – Cala Bassa

Not just one restaurant, but several, all under the same brand name and logo; CBBC.

We recommend the Central restaurant. Bustling with that Ibiza atmosphere provided by the DJ.


At the end of the evening we can assure you that the atmosphere will be getting louder and louder, giving way to those who want to have a little dance under the pine trees.


You can lie down to digest your food in one of the hammocks, take a ride on a jet ski, or have a massage. This all-in-one restaurant offers everything.


It has a car park and a boatman, the great Dani Bassa.


We recommend the fresh fish accompanied by Sangria de Cava (cava sangria).


In short, if you are looking for a lively Ibizan atmosphere while enjoying a good Mediterranean meal, with the expectation of having a good time, this is the place for you.


High Price.




Restaurants in Ibiza – Ses Eufabes – Cala Tarida

The most affordable of the restaurants on this list, and also the most genuine. It is still run by a local family. There are very few of them left on the seafront.


You can eat either inside or on one of the many terraces. The atmosphere is not pompous, but familiar and relaxed. Forget about wearing your best jewellery to enjoy lunch or dinner.


You can eat a delicious paella or a good steak and chips.


There is no parking, so if you arrive at lunchtime you will have a hard time finding parking, as it is located in the bustling Cala Tarida. There is no boatman, but we can take you comfortably in our dinghy to a dock located a few metres from the restaurant.


Average price.



Restaurants in Ibiza – El Silencio – Cala Moli

The coolest restaurant in Ibiza. Located in the small and beautiful Cala Moli. It became very famous among IN people because some famous person, I was told the name but I don’t know it, uploaded a picture eating in this restaurant. You won’t see locals, but foreigners from all over the world. There is nothing like marketing.


The waiters, dressed in pristine white, match the décor and the white, albeit fake, sand you’ll step on while eating your entrecôte.


There is a barbecue. We recommend their succulent grilled meats. Very tasty desserts.


It has a swimming pool for those who want to feel like part of an elite club and sunbathe in one of its sun loungers with a bottle of champagne waiting to be uncorked.


High price.



Restaurants in Ibiza – Calea Beach- Port De Es Torrent

One of the many restaurants that have occupied this popular cove in recent years.


Although it offers Mediterranean food, if you come to this restaurant we recommend its Asian food. Every bite is a real and authentic delight. I am an Asian lover, its flavours and smells. The dishes at Calea restaurant transport me back to my travelling days in a second.


It is not a place for people who want a relaxed meal. During dinner the DJ will make sure you have to raise your voice to talk to your partner. If you go for dinner you will probably have a drink afterwards while you look at the dishes going to other tables and wonder… What could that be?


There is no parking and when you do park you will probably have to walk a little way to the restaurant.  If you come on our catamaran we will drop you off on the beach just a few metres from the Calea tables.


High price.





Restaurants of Ibiza, logo C11

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