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Many are the groups that come on board throughout the summer in Ibiza.


There are many anecdotes that we experience in summer and then remember fondly when winter arrives.


We have chosen for this post, one that has to do with the name we chose in Charters Eleven for our charter catamaran in Ibiza.


Geronimo was the name chosen in honour of the great Apache chief of the Chiricahua tribe.


Ever since I was a child I have been passionate about the philosophy of the American Indians. Living in nature, respecting the environment, being nomadic, taking only what they need. In short, something that I have always tried but rarely achieved, and when I have done it, it has undoubtedly been the best moments of my life.


I remember, as if it were yesterday, the Sunday afternoons watching with my grandfather the cowboys and Indians movies that were shown on TV after lunch. How I enjoyed them! We both stood still watching the Indians fight, painted faces, spear in hand and feathers on their heads, against the evil invaders who in the black and white films were always the good guys.


Geronimo has been known, among other obscure things, for his bravery and for winning mythical battles against armies that far outnumbered and outgunned them.


Since the Second World War, American paratroopers have been jumping into the void shouting GeronimoOOOooo to testify to their bravery.


In short, Geronimo had to fight, fight and fight almost until the day he fell off his horse drunk on whisky.


At Charters Eleven Catamaran Charter in Ibiza, we feel that way when we working on the islands. Not drunks, but fighters against large companies that nowadays invade the waters of Ibiza with their floating armies.


We survive fighting without feathers in our heads but with our good work (check out our reviews).


We have already won several legal battles against a large catamaran charter company that claims to be the number one in Ibiza. From the really first day we started in the charter business, this “cowboy” company tried to drive us out with illegalities.


I was so sure that we would have to fight relentlessly.


For all these reasons I couldn’t think of a better name for our charter catamaran in Ibiza than Geronimo.



And without further ado …. the anecdote of the summer in Ibiza.


It was an ordinary day in September 2022 when I went to pick up four couples from the United States at a small dock in a beautiful cove in Ibiza to spend a day on board sailing and enjoying themselves.



As we approached the catamaran one of the girls started to raise her voice “Oh my God, Oh my God!” she repeated over and over again while shaking her partner’s shoulder and then saying “Look Geronimo Geronimo!”. The boyfriend made an absolutely astonished face and asked me if I had named the catamaran after the Indian chief. Of course! I affirmed, while pointing to the big sticker on the stern of the catamaran with a head full of feathers.


Catamaran Hire Ibiza. Geronimo Sticker


I was very surprised by this reaction as virtually no customer, even from the United States, knows the history of the first settlers of what is now known as the United States of America.


It was not until we arrived to Formentera that I had the opportunity to approach the couple again and ask them why they were so surprised to see the name of the catamaran. The client told me that he was the lawyer for Geronimo V, no more and no less than the fifth descendant of the mythical Indian chief, and that they were currently fighting, in court of course, for the United States government to return to the Indian tribes certain territories in Arkansas that had been taken from the Indians.


What made me most excited was that the client sent photos of the catamaran to Geronimo V and he returned the message with a photo of himself for me. I don’t want to show it because of image rights and out of respect.


What are the chances that someone who is related to a descendant of Geronimo will come on board?





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Catamaran Hire in Ibiza and Formentera on board Geronimo


We wait for you next summer in Ibiza!


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